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How To Get Your Kids To Go To The Dentist


We’ve all been there as a child—apprehensive, maybe even afraid of the dentist. Now as a parent, you face the other side, helping your child beat their fear of the dentist. The good news is, there are many things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable for them …

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6 Simple Strategies To Motivate Your Child To Learn

Color pencils

Children are easier to motivate yet hard to excavate. Yes, there are kids who are unaware of their capacities due to the competitive surroundings, while on the other hand there are kids who are aware of their potentials yet are unable to find the driving force. To motivate a child …

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4 Active Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Your child’s birthday is quickly approaching, and you are likely starting the party planning process. As kids get older, it can become challenging to find the perfect party theme. And with children sitting for over eight hours on an average day, you don’t want them sitting for the duration of …

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7 Thematic Party Ideas For Your Kids

Image birthday party banners

It’s your little one’s special day and you want it to be one ultra-special day, so there is no stopping mom from planning the perfect birthday bash. Kids wait all year to celebrate their big day and an amazing party theme awaits them to take their birthday celebrations to the …

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6 Simple Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids


Good parenting involves protecting your children from possible situations that can bring harm to them. Therefore, it is your ultimate responsibility as a parent to educate your children so that they can know how to respond to an emergency. This involves empowering them with basic survival skills. Since kids love …

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Gender Identity and Your Teen

Teenager outdoors

Growing up isn’t easy. The teenage years are particularly tough. Those are the years when we confront our own adulthood, and they can be scary, confusing, and upsetting. Our teenage years are full of threats and questions that come from around us and inside of us. Teens deal with social …

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9 Benefits of Story Time

Story time at school

Reading and the telling of stories to your children is not only great fun for your children and an amazing opportunity to bond with your children, it also comes with great benefits for your children and offers a wonderful way for your children to learn. Remember that children learn best …

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How To Dress Kids For Winter

Happy girls winter

Because of their much smaller size, winter clothing is especially important for children. Technically, the reason that your little ones are so susceptible to cold weather is because they have a lot of areas through which to lose heat when compared to their volume. Basically, this means that temperature which …

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