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10 Tips On How To Raise Responsible Children

The key to raising kids to become dependable and sensible adults one day is by teaching them responsibility and being accountable for himself and his behavior. Have a look at these simple tips on how to raise responsible children.

** On 24 February 2021 I was live on Radio Islam International to discuss this topic with Faaiza – listen to the discussion here **

How to raise responsible children

How to raise responsible children

  • The younger you start, the better. Young kids can help you with setting the dinner table, or packing away their toys in their toy box after playing. It helps to find children’s books on the importance of responsibility. Children often identify with cute characters in storybooks or shows they love watching. Not only is story time an excellent time for parent-child bonding, but it can teach your child valuable skills that he will use throughout his life. 
  • Teach them how the tasks must be performed and be clear about your expectations. Kids often imitate us, and it is easier for them to do it right if they know how to do it. Use those imitation skills to work to your advantage. 
  • Allow your kids to show others how a task must be done. Skills are always reinforced better once you are teaching it to someone else. 
  • Set an example by being consistent and trustworthy. Kids watch us and monitor our moves. If they see you acting trustworthy, dependable, and responsible frequently, they will follow suit and learn that being responsible is the way right way of doing things.
  • When you’ve made a mistake, always apologize. Children will see that people make mistakes and its important to own up to it. Don’t blame others for your mistakes and show your kids that there is no shame in doing the right thing and admitting when you’ve  made a mistake or done something wrong. 

  • Give kids some chores that involves responsibility within the household. It is essential to give them a job that matters and make sure they understand why it makes a difference. For instance, if you have a family dog, walking the dog is an essential thing for both the dog and your family. Both sides will be thankful.
  • Acknowledge that your children will make mistakes. We sometimes forget, especially with teens and older kids. Children are still kids whose brains are not yet fully developed.
  • Try not to nag, criticize, or yell even if it is difficult. If you avoid nagging, criticizing, and yelling, there will be a lot less conflict when you’re correcting or teaching behavior. 
  • Work together as a household. Don’t give your kids chores that you simply don’t want to do yourself. Switch it up and let each household member get a chance to do the less enjoyable chores like taking out the trash or cleaning the bathtub.
  • Give your kids friendly reminders every now and again. Remind them that everyone has chores to do that are unpleasant but needs to be done. It is not fair that one person gets to do all the chores. You as a family all work together to keep things tidy and clean and to work together as a family unit. 


We hope this post has been helpful and that you will benefit from these ten tips to teach you children responsibility for them to grown into responsible and sensible young adults.

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  1. This post has definitely been helpful!❤️

  2. I need to start implementing the advises that are given on these blogs. Thanks Kaboutjie for insight info.

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  4. My son is 6 and helps with many chores but feels grudgingly towards my 4 year old daughter who frequently tries to skip helping.

  5. Lois Carol Wessels

    Useful information!

  6. Some very useful tips. Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much!I have 2 boys,ages 6 and 2.My 6 yr old sometimes complains to do stuff..But he recently had a friend over and I was amazed at what he has learnt from me.He rinsed his cup after drinking water and told his friend to do it too,and when his friend used the bathroom,he was now checking with his friend about washing hands(which I kind of thought was a bit too much,but I let it go)….The 2 year old loves helping with fetching things and putting things away(which we have to watch him for all the time)…It’s just so refreshing to have this site to just guide and assist with what to do sometimes,raising kids definitely is not easy without some outside connections with moms who are there or who’ve been there!..Thank you!

  8. Carla Schaper Coetzee

    I really enjoyed this. It is comforting to know that I’m not the only parent desperately trying to raise independent, helpful kiddies, in a world where laziness seems to be becoming the norm.

  9. What a great content??the world ‘d be a great place to be at and this article could help tackle our social ills

  10. If I was by means then I would’ve sent my daughter to a Montessori creche. Those kids are taught valuable life lessons and are taught how to do chores and be responsible. My niece’s kids went to a Montessori creche and you can immediately see the difference between them and the other family kids. They pick up after themselves, are helpful around the house and know exactly how to do chores and take instructions.

  11. Very informative?

  12. All my kids, 4yrs, 10yrs and 15yrs are doing chores. I tell them they are contributing to the functioning/running of the house and its not only up to mommy and daddy. Your article is still very helpful as the manner in which i remind needs to change and I have to be very patients with the older kids. Because they are older I expect them to remember but they still kids :).

  13. Great Article. Would be helpful to have a list of age appropriate chores. Thank you

  14. Loved the topic! Thank you for a very informative article.

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  16. Very great tips.thanks Lynne

  17. absolutely loved this article, my little one loves helping in the house

  18. Love this thanks.
    I pray that my son will be a responsible person one day. He tries to help with chores and if he sses me doing something he will always say, “help you mommy”

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