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7 Common Mistakes in Parenting

Mom and son scrunchy nose

Making mistakes in parenting is part of learning to be a parent. Have you committed any? Being a parent is a responsibility and, especially, constant learning. As good parents, we all want the best for our children, the best care, the best education, the best opportunities … but as parents, …

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Great Tutoring Advice For Parents

Child learning

Academic success is very important to both children and parents. To see one’s children excel in school is a universal dream shared by every parent; strong learning skills can lead directly to good college experiences and a successful career. What can parents do when their children begin to struggle with …

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Safe & Convenient Baby Cabinet Locks

Rafelymen Baby Cabinet Locks

As soon as we become parents our top priority is to ensure that our children are safe. When our babies get mobile and start exploring our homes it is so important to make sure that there is nothing within reach that is potentially dangerous. This includes things like cleaning products, …

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NICU Tips From A Former Labor & Delivery Nurse

Premie Baby in Hospital

Having a baby in the NICU can be overwhelming. Here’s some advice from a former Labor & Delivery nurse on how to get through it. The experience of having a premature or sick baby can be extremely stressful, and the NICU environment can seem very overwhelming. Parents often find themselves …

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35+ Beautiful Unicorn Gifts Ideas

Unicorn pic

Unicorns are very a very popular mythical creature among kids and any gift that has a unicorn theme is almost certain to be a huge hit with any child. My 6 year old daughter is unicorn obsessed as is one of my closest adult friends too. Anything with unicorns is …

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How To Get Your Kids To Go To Bed

If you are a parent, you already know that getting your child to go to sleep can be a real struggle. It is a nightmare that keeps repeating day after day. Kids don’t look forward to sleeping; they resist it in every way possible. Although they need more sleep than …

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10 Best Infant Teething Products

Baby tummy time smiling

As any mother with a teething baby will tell you, the teething process is no joke. Some babies teeth relatively easily while other babies struggle the whole way through making it van incredibly hard time for mommy and baby. When babies are teething they can be niggly and irritable, their …

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Effective Ways to Be a Smart Stepmom

Mother and daughter talking on bench

Stepmoms all over the world face a lot of unique challenges with their stepfamilies. And if you are dealing with the same dilemma as a stepmom, you are probably thinking of some ways how to cope with the issues in your own stepfamily and how you can be a successful …

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7 Baby Safety Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Balloons

Buying baby shower gifts is always fun and exciting, especially when I am buying for a first time mom since I can make a real difference knowing what new moms really need having been there myself. When I buy baby shower gifts for someone special I always try to buy …

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5 Benefits Of Singing For Children

Little Boy Singing With Microphone

Children love to sing and may start “singing along” to songs long before they even say their first word. Singing is fun for your child and it comes with plenty of amazing benefits for your child that will help your child’s development, language skills and confidence, as well as help …

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50+ Of The Best Parenting Hacks Ever

Woman thinking

I love these parenting hacks videos that always give awesome solutions to problems that I am encountering in my life with my kids and family. My favorites from this video are the cardboard dividers for the car to separate kids and stop them from fighting in the car, hiding sweets …

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10 Owl Inspired Gifts For Mother’s Day

Owl shopping bags

Owls are amazing creatures that symbolize wisdom, reason and justice. Oils make amazing themes for gifts for any occasion. Since it is Mother’s Day in less than 3 weeks time I spent some time finding some stunning owl-themed gifts for moms. If your mother is an owl enthusiast then this …

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