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Cake Smash Photography

Twin cake smash

Cake smashes are colourful, fun, messy, and a perfect way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. With a professional photographer on hand to capture the excitement, and a bubble bath afterwards to clean up the remnants of the cake, it’ll be difficult to work out who giggles the most.    …

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The Importance Of Developing Organisational Skills From A Young Age

Organized child

Developing organisational skills is important in holistic child development, and a key step in their path towards independence and academic success. Children are capable and competent and will respond to the opportunity to be organised, an education expert says. “Organisational skills help children create order in their environment and the …

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Creating Money Savvy Kids

Money Savvy Kids

Promoting skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviour to enable financial independence amongst our youth. Financial education from a young age provides a powerful head start in life. Not only the domain of adults, the importance of financial security and the ability to manage one’s finances is something that all children should learn …

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Shaping Your Children’s Attitude To Money

Mother Child Money

Most parents will agree that teaching children about money is important, but what and how should you be teaching them and at what age? It’s an inherent part of parenting. Most children’s attitudes to money are shaped by their parents, whether you pro-actively pass on information or they just copy …

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How To Teach Your Kids To Understand Personal Finances

Girl counting her money

Teaching your kids to understand personal finances is essential to their development. The task itself is critical, but it can be challenging to know the best ways to integrate these teachings in ways that will be solidified well into adulthood. Here we discuss ways to teach your kids about personal …

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The Kids Are Not OK

Child Doing School Activities At Home

Many parents may be feeling mixed emotions given the recent news that start of the school term has been delayed until 15 February due to the increased rate of COVID-19 infections and the onset of the second wave. Parents juggling full-time work may be experiencing a sense of frustration or …

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9 Tips For Overcoming Common Childhood Fears

mom Talking To Scared Child

Does your child have a fear of something? Maybe he is afraid of the dark or will not go near water. In this post we will be looking at common childhood fears and how you can help your child with conquering these fears the right way. Learning to deal with …

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How To Keep Your Kids Busy During Lockdown

Mother daughter baking together

It’s so important to always keep your kids busy and active during holidays, however it starts getting really tricky when there is a lockdown due to a worldwide pandemic when activities outside the home are limited by rules or perhaps you want to rather stay home and play it safe …

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5 Simple Steps To Find The Best School Shoes For Your Child

School shoes

Whether your child’s school has a shoe uniform policy or not, you’ll want to find them the most practical, comfortable, and stylish shoes possible. It’s a difficult balance to achieve, especially if restricted by uniform requirements. Fortunately, this simple guide will help you to locate the perfect school shoe for …

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6 Things To Watch Out For In Your Kids’ Feet

Healthy kids feet

Human feet are one of the most underrated parts of the body that we often take for granted. Aside from being responsible for the body’s overall support and motor skills, feet can be important indicators of some health issues happening in our body, too. That’s why as early as childhood, …

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DStv Kids Festive Entertainment Calendar

It’s school holidays and kids will need to be kept busy! Here is your DStv kids festive entertainment calendar to keep them occupied and entertained this festive season. 1 December Zig and Sharko – New episodes Boomerang (DStv channel 302) at 16:15   2 December Educational Block: Caillou, Guess with …

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Lilaq App Brings Medical Assistance To Working Parents

Mother and child

Not dissimilar to many South African families today, Galina Kroucheva, founder of Lilaq Technologies, once had to manage child responsibilities without any support from family and friends, all while juggling the intense demands and long hours necessitated by her job in the IT realm.  Her son was an easy-going and …

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9 Things To Add To Your Kids Bedtime Checklist

Kids bedtime

Having a kids bedtime checklist can make the bedtime so much easier for parents and help kids to have a great night’s sleep. Children thrive on routine and order, especially at the end of the day when they may be overtired and in need of comfort. 9 Things To Add …

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5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Online Learning – from Kristen Lisa Strahlendorf Registered Counsellor and Private Practice Owner

Girl Student Learning Online

Lockdown initiated an unprecedented and overnight transition from classroom to computer. This move to e-learning, triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, kept countless pupils and teachers at home and fast-tracked a shift to online learning, making it a “new normal” for many students across the country. While online learning has been available for …

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