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How To Turn Your Kids Into Junior Investors

Child invest money

With rising inflation through the years, achieving financial independence has become an even more challenging goal for some people. This is why it has become more imperative to learn the basics of personal finance and have a firm grasp of saving and investing as early as possible. But how young …

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10 Tips For Navigating Peer Pressure With Kids

Teen peer pressure

In the intricate journey of childhood and adolescence, peer pressure emerges as a formidable force. Whether it’s the allure of fitting in or the fear of missing out, children and teenagers often find themselves grappling with decisions influenced by their peers. As parents, guardians, or mentors, our role in guiding …

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The New Great Tasting Grape Flavour, Panado®’s Latest Paediatric Range Addition

Mother baby bond

Panado® has expanded their paediatric range with a new Grape flavour syrup,1 designed to help relieve pain and fever in children.1 As a trusted2 name in South Africa, Panado® knows that parents want convenient and great tasting products for their children. That’s why our new Grape flavour is colourant-free, tartrazine-free, alcohol-free, …

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Acornkids My Bath Box Review – Bath Time Delight For Kids

Acornkids My Bath Box

I’m thrilled to share that we’ve received Acornkids’ My Bath Box to review! This delightful box is packed with bath goodies, offering 40 baths of pure, imaginative fun for kids. Get ready for a splash of creativity and enjoyment during every bath time session with Acornkids’ My Bath Box. About …

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Navigating Toxic Childhood Friendships: A Parent’s Guide

kids friends

Childhood friendships are an integral part of a child’s social development. They teach valuable lessons about trust, empathy, and companionship. However, not all friendships are positive experiences. Sometimes, children may find themselves entangled in toxic friendships that can have a detrimental impact on their emotional well-being. As a parent, navigating …

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10 Fun Ways For Kids To Bond With Their Dog

Child bonding with dog

Bringing a new dog into the family is an exciting and heart-warming experience. It’s a momentous occasion that can bring immense joy and companionship to your household. For kids, in particular, having a new furry friend can be a source of endless fun and learning. Building a strong bond between …

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