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Buying Your Dream Family Home

Family home

Uncovering your dream family home is akin to finding your soulmate. The quest might be lengthy and strenuous, but once you stumble upon the ‘one,’ it provides an unshakeable foundation, a place that resonates with your essence. It becomes your sanctuary, a place where you can relax, rejuvenate, and create …

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Taking The Pain Out Of Paying School Fees

School fees

A series of consecutive interest rate hikes implemented to rein in spiralling inflation is putting pressure on consumers with long term debt like home loans and vehicle finance under greater pressure. A number of banks have in recent weeks reported an increase in impairment charges as a growing number of …

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Tips To Help You Own A Home Before 30

Home ownership

Owning a home is a major milestone in life, and there’s no better time to start working towards that goal than in your 20s. Here are a few tips to help you make your dream of home ownership a reality before you turn 30. Start Saving Early Saving is one …

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What Does Car Insurance Cost In 2022?

The average South African pays quite a bit  more to keep a car on the road these days than they did 5 years ago. In fact, to be precise, it costs R6,711.24 more every month in 2022 than it did in 2017. Or, if you prefer, we pay approximately 40% more …

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7 Smart Ways To Use Technology To Save Money

Woman tech

In the financial climate nowadays, we all feel the crunch, especially after the significant financial impact that Covid-19 had on people worldwide. In today’s post, we are sharing how to use technology to save money that you can consider to reduce your monthly expenses. The reality is that even if …

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How Do Movers Decide The Cost Of Moving?

Carrying boxes

Are you thinking of moving to another place? If yes, then you probably consider hiring a renowned relocation company for the transition. But before booking the relocators, it is always better to know how the cost of transition is estimated by them. This article talks about the factors that are …

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How College Bursaries Work In South Africa

Graduate college

College bursaries provide students with free financial assistance to study at a tertiary institute. Students often receive bursaries from certain financial institutes, investment companies, and other organisations. In order to attain a bursary one needs to be an exemplary student. In this article, we discuss how college bursaries work in …

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