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Growing Pains: What They Are & How To Prevent Them

Beautiful young girl

Any parent wants to see their child playing, laughing and enjoying their childhood to the fullest. Unfortunately, between 20% and 40% of all children will experience growing pains at some point between the ages of three and twelve. These random pangs of muscular discomfort usually occur in the late afternoon, …

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5 Toddler Sleep Facts You Probably Never Heard Of

Sleeping Toddler

Many toddlers experience sleeping problems including but not limited to resisting sleep, night time awakening, sleeping fears, nightmares and night terrors. They have an incredible drive for independence with an increase in their motor skills and social abilities, which can interfere with their sleep patterns. Getting your toddler in a …

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How To Get Your House Ready For A Baby

New baby

Congratulations! You have a baby on the way. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time parent with no clue what to do or a veteran parent with a couple of young ones already, this article is for you. When parents receive the news that they’re expecting a baby, one of the …

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The History of Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Small children have the ability to soak up information. This is how they learn so much so fast and makes early childhood education an essential and important experience. It can literally help to shape their lives. The fact that it can have such an impact on knowledge, confidence, and social …

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8 Helpful Tips For Doing A Baby Massage

Baby Massage

After his bath is the ideal time for doing a baby massage, especially early evening to help him relax before bedtime. A massage can be done either after his bath or while soaping his body. Avoid baby massages for at least an hour after a feed as it can induce …

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9 Tips To Stop Your Child Hitting You And Others

Young child

When your child gets to the stage where they are hitting others it can be a highly stressful situation. You may feel that your parenting or your little one is being judged and you also may feel concerned for the “victims” while trying to work out which way is the …

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Why Personal Touch Is So Elemental For Babies

Baby Personal Touch

Touch makes you baby feel nurtured, protected and safe in his new environment. Fostering your new born can enhance her physical and emotional development and it is highly beneficial to do activities to create more opportunities for “touch time” with your baby. Not only is this an excellent way of …

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Teaching Your Child to Cycle The Easy Way

Happy child cycling

If you want to explore the health benefits for children that only cycling can bring, you’ve certainly come to the right place. To make things nice and easy for you to get started, we’re going to talk you through a fast, effective and simple way to get your child cycling. …

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5 Personal Finance Tips To Teach Your Kids

Child Saving Money

One of the most valuable things we can teach our children is good personal finance habits. The way that our children learn to manage their money is going to play a vital role in their future. Here are some fantastic finance tips for kids from Rusty Tweed: Be A Great …

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Reasons To Develop The Reading Habit In Your Child

Kids reading

For some people, reading might be just a hobby, but it has a bigger value to offer than that. You must be aware of the fact that knowledge fuels the readers’ vision and imagination by keeping their minds active and more creative. But it depends on the genre of books …

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The Difference Between Viral and Bacterial Meningitis

Sick Child With Mom

Viral meningitis is more common than bacterial meningitis and will usually clear up within seven to ten days without any treatment necessary. However, bacterial meningitis is more serious and can be fatal if not treated immediately. Bacteria known as meningococcus, pneumococcus and haemophilus influenza type B are the cause for …

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Recognising Dyslexia & Ways To Help Your Dyslexic Child


Dyslexia is a learning disorder, also referred to as a reading disability. People with dyslexia have difficulty reading as a result of having issues with identifying the sound of speech and they have trouble relating to words and letters (decoding). Dyslexia influences the areas in your brain that processes language. …

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Gender Reveal Party Etiquette: 6 Common Questions

Table at gender reveal party

Most of us know the proper etiquette when it comes to a baby shower, but gender reveal parties come with a whole slew of unanswered questions for hosts and guests alike. When new types of traditions enter our lives, the first thing we ask ourselves is what the proper etiquette …

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