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8 Benefits Of Crafting With Your Kids PLUS Giveaway

Kids Crafting

Some parents are skilled crafters. Others do well to cut paper in a reasonably straight line. No matter which group you fall into, crafting with your kids is a great way to bring the family together and children of all ages develop valuable life skills along the way. Here are …

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Preparing For Baby With Mom2B® PLUS Giveaway

mom2b pregnancy

Oh, the happiness of hearing about a longed-for pregnancy! And what fun preparing for the tiny arrival. Where will baby sleep? What baby equipment and cute clothes are needed? Don’t forget mom’s pregnancy wardrobe to cover that expanding tum…  Meanwhile during all this activity and joy, little one is calmly …

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Lifegain® – For Those Who Want More

Enjoying breakfast

Our bodies have more of a chance of managing the difficulties that life throws at them if they are well nourished. Indeed, good nutrition is one of the few things under our control when we need renewed vigour. Tip: Exhaustion can be an early warning that the body is not …

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Fidget Poppers – The Latest Fidget Craze

Playing With Fidget Popper

The latest craze in South Africa (according to my primary school kids) is the fidget popper, apparently “every kid” has one in their class and they have been asking me to get them one too. While searching for fidget popper South Africa I saw that one of my favourite online …

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Have You Had Your Vit D3 Sunshine Shots?

Couple in sunshine with dog

Here’s a winter health fact. Our bodies need Vitamin D for many important processes including supporting the immune system, bone and muscle building, and to promote better sleep and mood.  We can even produce enough vitamin D ourselves. That’s if we bare our arms, legs, back, chests or faces to …

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Checkers Sixty60 App Review – Talk About Convenient

Checkers Sixty60 Delivery

When the Checkers Sixty60 app was launched I doubted that they would cover my area since I have never been able to get groceries delivered to Saldanha before from other stores. However in March it launched in Vredenburg and in May I heard that they were delivering to Saldanha from …

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Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser Review

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser

I’m a huge fan of essential oils. I love the smell of essential oils and the incredible benefits that they offer whether for health, beauty or cleaning. So when I was contacted to do a review of the Organic Aromas nebulizing diffuser I was over the moon and very excited. …

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EduVision School Ready Laptop Review

My kids and I were so excited to give the EduVision School Ready Laptop a test drive. In this modern age it is essential to have a good device for kids to learn on. Throw in a worldwide pandemic that has led to parents learning how to homeschool and balance …

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4 Benefits Of Journaling for Mental Health

Writing In Journal

I’ve got a big arsenal of tools to help me keep my mental health on track and one of these important tools is journaling. I’ve found that journaling helps me in so many ways. If you are looking for a way to overcome that feeling of overwhelm, to process your …

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Keep On and Power Up Immunity and Antioxidants

Nativa Immune Masked Office Workers

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to teach us tough lessons and it’s an ongoing fight. The bigger picture is that whether we are travelling, at work, home or school, our bodies are continuously responding to tiny organisms that can cause disease. Germs like viruses and bacteria are everywhere, and it is …

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My 10 Favourite 4AKid Baby Products

Mother baby products

One of my favourite online stores for buying things for baby is 4AKid – they offer so many things that will make your life as a mom so much easier, as well as fantastic products to keep your kids safe. They have an amazing range of products, so I highly …

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All The Things You Will Need Newborn Baby

Newborn with eyes closed

Bringing a newborn home after delivery can be a daunting experience during those first few weeks. It takes a while to adjust to your new routine amidst nappy changes, feeds, and sleep deprivation. Before we share things you will need newborn baby checklist, here are five things you can do …

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11 Tips for Parenting The Strong Willed Child

Beautiful strong willed child

Strong willed children are courageous and lively. They prefer to learn things on their own rather than just accepting what is taught to them. It can be difficult to parent a child that prefers to be in charge or that has passionate feelings about things. Here are 11 tips for …

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