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How To Boost Your Immune System

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Keeping your immune system strong is important for staying healthy.1 But how do we do it? Cepacol®, the brand known for its sore throat lozenges and hot medication, highlights ways to boost your immune system. Eat a Balanced Diet: A healthy immune system starts with proper nutrition. Make sure to include a …

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Össur South Africa Extends Its Range Of Non-invasive Prosthetics With Naked Prosthetics For Finger And Partial-hand Amputations

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Össur South Africa has announced the availability of Naked Prosthetics to the local market. This range of custom-made prostheses, precisely tailored to the user’s amputation and individual hand structure, positively impacts those with finger and partial-hand amputations by providing functional finger prostheses of high quality. “Partial hand limb loss is …

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Bloating Be Gone: How Probiotics Can Aid In Digestive Comfort And Reduce Symptoms Of Bloating

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Celebrate optimal digestive well-being throughout the year by embracing multi-strain probiotics, and say goodbye to the discomfort of bloating that often accompanies various occasions. Bloating is a condition that occurs when your abdomen feels full and tight, often due to gas.1 What Causes Gas? While gas symptoms vary from person …

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The New Great Tasting Grape Flavour, Panado®’s Latest Paediatric Range Addition

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Panado® has expanded their paediatric range with a new Grape flavour syrup,1 designed to help relieve pain and fever in children.1 As a trusted2 name in South Africa, Panado® knows that parents want convenient and great tasting products for their children. That’s why our new Grape flavour is colourant-free, tartrazine-free, alcohol-free, …

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Choosing The Right Probiotic

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Choosing the right probiotic doesn’t have to be daunting. Whether you’re seeking immune support, considering a multi-strain formula, addressing IBS symptoms, or preparing for indulgence during the festive season, understanding how to read labels and recognising the significance of different strains can simplify the process. How To Choose A Probiotic …

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