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Chocolate Button Muffin Recipe

Chocolate button muffins

This chocolate button muffin recipe is adapted from my favourite blueberry muffin recipe. I made it exactly the same except I swopped the blueberry muffins for Nova Choc-Oh-Late milk chocolate baking buttons and it came out beautifully. Chocolate Button Muffin Recipe Ingredients: 1 ½ cups flour ¾ cup of sugar ¼ …

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Dark Chocolate Button Cookies Recipe

Dark Chocolate Button Cookies

These dark chocolate button cookies were so much fun to make and the whole family really enjoyed them. Since it is holidays these cookies did not last long at all. I made them with Nova Choc-Oh-Late dark chocolate baking buttons, which are sugar free. While the cookies have sugar in …

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Best Marinated Yoghurt Chicken Recipe

Marinated Yoghurt Chicken

I love trying out new recipes so this week when my I realized I had an unopened plain yoghurt that was about to reach it’s expiry date I set out to research recipes for chicken using yoghurt so that it would not go to waste and I was so pleasantly …

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7 Mushroom Recipes So Good, They’re Magic!

Crispy Gnocchi with Mushrooms & Paprika Butter

Around the world the family meal and the homecook (even the domestic goddess!) have made a comeback.  And we’re delighted as we’re sure you are too! We’re reinventing our homes and our lifestyles and with slightly smaller money pockets our indulgences are smaller but equally enjoyable and our eyes are focused …

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10 Best Braai Salad Recipes and Sides For Braai

Braai Food

Having a braai is always cause for celebration in South Africa, there is a reason why Heritage Day is also known as Braai Day. Let’s face it there is nothing better than having a braai with family and friends over the weekends no matter the season. We braai every single …

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Is Aam Papad Safe During Pregnancy?

Aam papad

Aam papad, also called mango leather, is a popular dish that has been made and consumed for generations in Indian households. It is incredibly easy to make and contains few ingredients. If you are curious to know if aam papad is safe during pregnancy, and looking for an easy homemade …

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Treats for Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is all about Dad and one of the best ways to treat him is to make him his favourite meal.  So, whether he’s a brunch, breakfast, lunch or a lazy supper around the fire kinda Dad, we’ve got you covered.  Great recipes for any time of day, super …

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Tummy Delights for Kids

Mushroom Recipes

Before you say, “My kids will never eat them”, read on because, although mushrooms often seem to be the “not on my plate” vegetable right up there with Brussels sprouts, we’ve got good reasons and great ways to get kids to eat them. Firstly, the great way to add mushrooms: A …

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Stone Crab Dipping Sauce Recipe – With Mayo and Key Limes

Stone Crab dipping sauce recipe

Stone crabs are a well-known and sought-after culinary delicacy in Florida, particularly because the stone crab seasons only lasts for seven months. However, there are some ways to have stone crabs delivered to you out of season.   If you have never tried this delicious treat, then you are missing out. …

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Langoustine, Leek and Red Pepper Rougaille, With Nespresso Coffee

Langoustine, Leek and Red Pepper Rougaille

Recently, Nespresso hosted a cook-along showcasing three chefs who were challenged to come up with recipes, showing off their craftsmanship alongside Nespresso. Their aim was to hero one of the five new Nespresso Master Origin variants in their food and drink recipes. The three chefs involved were Wandile Mabaso, who used the India variant, and made …

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3 Gluten Free Rusks Recipes You Will Love

Gluten-free rusks

Before we share our delicious gluten free rusks recipes with you, first you need to understand what gluten-free baking involves. When you have a better understanding of gluten-free baking you will be well on your way to making healthier recipes in no time.  What does gluten free mean? Gluten is …

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Deconstructed Mushroom, Pork and Avocado Wrap

Mushroom Pork Avocado Wraps

This tasty mushroom and pork recipe takes only 20 minutes to make and serves 4. These deconstructed mushroom, pork and avocado wraps make a lovely light meal for dinner and the perfect lunch. Ingredients: 4 seeded low GI wraps, cut into quarters 10ml olive oil 200g pork loin, sliced 250g portabelini …

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5 Healthy Pregnancy Breakfast Ideas

Pregnancy breakfast

When you are eating healthy during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it does not necessarily mean you should restrict calories or attempt to lose weight. More importantly, the idea is to follow a healthy eating plan to ensure your body is getting the necessary nutrients which is crucial for your health as …

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4 Great Bulk Recipes For Freezing

Cooking with a large pot

Anything that makes my life easier is a winner and these great bulk recipes for freezing make my life so much easier! If I spend a few hours each month making these recipes it gives me lots of frozen meals that I can pull out of the freezer on one …

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