Natural remedies for flu and colds during pregnancy

9 Natural Remedies for Flu and Colds during Pregnancy

Cold and flu are never exciting experiences and if you are expecting your child, it can turn into more dangerous cases. When pregnant, your immune system operates at a much lower resistance than usual. A weakened immune system prevents the body from rejecting your unborn child which is now still a foreign substance to the body.

The downside of it is that you are more susceptible to getting colds and flu, and you can no longer turn to over-the-counter medications to treat them because these medicines can have negative effect on your unborn baby.

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It is recommended as far as possible to fight off colds and flu during pregnancy by using natural remedies which reduce the symptoms yet do not harm to your own health or your baby’s safety. Here are some natural home remedies for flu and colds during pregnancy you should know.

home remedies flu colds when pregnant

1 Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar alkalizes the body and helps kill viruses. An alkalized environment is hostile to most bacteria and viruses.

So during pregnancy, if you see first symptoms of cold and flu, make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of warm water, gargle and then drink. It is perfectly safe to repeat hourly until all the symptoms disappear.

Garlic for flu when pregnant

2 Garlic

Garlic is a superstar when it comes to combating colds and flu. It is a powerhouse of antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that are of great help in killing the harmful bacteria and viruses.

Many studies also pointed out that allicin – a compound found in whole garlic helped promote blood circulation, lowered the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in pregnant women.

However, a doctor should be consulted on dosages, especially when you take garlic supplement.

3 Coconut oil

Coconut oil gains its popularity by its antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. High concentrations of acid lauric in coconut oil is thought to destroy the lipid coating around viruses and make it easier for the immune system to get rid of.

It is safe for pregnant women to use coconut oil, both topically and internally. You can use it as cooking oil, or choose to out a few spoons of coconut oil in a hot beverage.

4 Salt water

No matter how simple this remedy sounds, it secures a spot in this list thanks to its ability to create an unfavorable environment which bacteria and viruses cannot develop in. And it’s perfectly safe to pregnant women. The saline solution can reduce the severity of typical symptoms like sore throat and coughing.

You can choose to gargle your mouth with warm salt water several times a day. If you have a runny nose, use a dropper to drop salt water into two nostrils. It will thin the mucous and remove irritants effectively.

5 Chicken soup

More than a feel-good soup, a bowl of chicken with several nutritious ingredients can help mommy-to-be get well faster. Easy to digest, rich in nutrients, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, this dish provides hydration and eases the symptoms of cold and flu very effectively.

It is advised to include cayenne powder, garlic, ginger, onion, thyme, and mushroom in the dish. All of these ingredients are good cold and flu fighters.

6 Ginger

Ginger is one time-tested remedy for colds and flu during pregnancy. As ginger is so good at warming the body, it is believed to clear up toxins in your body, improve blood circulation and efficiently get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses caused illness for mom and the unborn baby.

You can make a glass of fresh ginger tea and add a tablespoon of honey and some fresh lemon to fight off the illness.

A bonus is that ginger also helps to relieve heartburn during pregnancy too which you may be suffering from..

Drinking a ginger, lemon and honey tea while you are pregnant or breastfeeding is a great natural alternative to medications such as Med-Lemon which have aspirin in and are therefore not safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding!

7 Onion

Onion is one powerful cold and flu fighter. Mothers of generations have believed in the power of onion in treating cold and flu for pregnant women and children as well. Rich in sulfuric compounds, onion is so good at killing bacteria and viruses and relieving the symptoms.

Mothers choose to chop up slices of onion and spread it around the bed to help clean the air. It is also very beneficial to add raw onion to your daily diet.

However, the sulfuric compound is also responsible for bad breath after eating onion. So make sure you master some tricks to overcome onion breath.

8 Sleep

An evident yet important remedy for colds and flu is sleep. Especially when you are pregnant, you need more rest to let your body heal itself. So drink more water to stay well-hydrated and sleep a little more.

9 Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as lemon, limes, grapefruits, tangerines, oranges are packed with vitamin C and antibacterial properties. These fruits benefit mommies by kill harmful bacteria, speed up the healing process and create alkaline environment in the body. Most illnesses are paralyzed in alkaline environments.

Besides, the peel of these fruit can also reduce coughing.

Above are some home remedies for cold and flu you should keep in hand during pregnancy. If you have to take medicine, carefully seek for advice from doctors and experts.

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  1. Excellent tips.
    Love this page!!!

  2. Had a bad flu during pregnancy wish i had your page then for tips and advice….but now i have incase of a second one.

  3. When I was pregnant with my 2 year old daughter. I struggle a lot with colds. I wish I had your blogs a few years ago.

  4. As much as you stated for pregnant and sick
    I to this day believe in
    1 x Medlemon
    1 x Red dispirin
    1 x lemon slice
    This helps me every time I can feel sinus or flu coming on. And NO i never attempted this during pregnancy just given advice what helped me after x

  5. Nicol i also use med lemon for my fiance however i cant take any tablets or powders disolved in water dont know why for some reason i swallow and it comea back up…i was sick twice now with flu and without telling the dr no tablets to disolve in water he came me corenza c what did i do close my nose swallow it with little bit of water if i could i would have used less water but i forced it down for the sake of my son as he keeps getting sick because om me thats sick and im all good it really helped me .

  6. I got the flu very bad when i was 36 weeks pregnant and I took garlic and ginger mixed in with honey and drank alot of sugar free stoney.
    Within 3 days I was feeling 90% better and since then even though i am not pregnant I use those natural ingredients to cure my flu.
    Will definitely try the rest of those tips, just hate taking meds.

    • It is always best to go natural! I am a drug addict and alcoholic, 9 years in recovery so I can’t take most meds anyway except Paracetamol – I manage perfectly fine with natural remedies!

  7. I had the flu once during my pregnancy and cause I suffer with such bad hay fever sinus, I was very congested and was totally against any form of medication.
    I had searched the net for all home remedies to clear my nose, as the blockage of phlegm was the worst feeling ever at 7months pregnant.
    I came across eucalyptus oil and a few other essential oils, however I chose to just use the eucalyptus and this worked wonders.
    it is quite a strong oil and should not be used directly onto your skin, I made a steamy bath in the tub added few drops on this oil into the bath and relaxed, the moisture from the steam bath together with the eucalyptus oil made a rather good lubricant to remove all the phlegm.
    point to be noted it needs to be done often for more effective relief 🙂 I am proud to say I still use this up until now

  8. Honey with ginger really works wonders! I also like to steam my room with humidifier containg Olbas oil.

  9. Elize Swanepoel

    Great article and wonderful tips that all pregnant Mommy’s should read and take into consideration.

    I had no idea! I wish I had access to this article when I was pregnant.

    I was fairly healthy throughout my pregnancy until my third trimester.

    The girl from the Company downstairs used to come to my office during her lunch hour. I didn’t mind at all, it was my suggestion.

    But just a few weeks before my due date she had the flu and instead of staying away for a few days until the symptoms subsided she still came to my office and I picked up the bug from her.

    I was so annoyed with her because she knew I was pregnant.

    I was feeling miserable. My feet were swollen, I was very uncomfortable and had the flu on top of it all.

    Salt water and lukewarm water really works. Years ago, a doctor told me to gargle with salt water and lukewarm water whenever I had a sore throat. (I used to struggle a lot with my tonsils). I followed his advice and touch wood, I haven’t had tonsilitis in the past few years as a result.

    I didn’t know coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are also great remedies. I’m not surprised because both contain a series of health benefits.

    So this is why people always make chicken soup when they have family or friends that are sick. I’ll keep those ingredients in mind for future use, especially since JD is a toddler now. It’s good to be prepared.

    I know that a concoction of ginger, honey and lemon works wonders for relief of flu or cold symptoms.

  10. I’ve seen the great importance of natural supplements and the wonderful ways that they can help, especially during pregnancy when you need natural remedies! Thanks for these great tips for treating flu during pregnancy.

  11. Kerry-Ann ten Hoorn Boer

    This post and these comments are just what I needed to read right now. I am 23 weeks pregnant and I have a cold. Feel darn miserable. Thanks for the tips as always.

    • I was terribly sick with flu during my first pregnancy and it is not pleasant at all being ill while pregnant. I hope you feel better soon Kerry-Ann!

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