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Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Baby sleeping on mom

“Sleep is an essential part of how the human body operates, and it’s just as necessary for babies as it is for adults,” says Dr Iqbal Karbanee, paediatrician and CEO of Paed-IQ BabyLine, a trusted telephonic medical advice service for the first 1000 days of a child’s life, starting from conception to …

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How Plants Can Help You To Sleep Better

Plant in bedroom

Plants are generally nice to look at and, if you choose the right ones, they are surprisingly easy to look after. But, they don’t just bring a splash of color to your home. Plants are also known to improve the air quality in your home and will have a positive …

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Keep Calm and Keep Going

Keep Calm

Did you know that even happy and good changes cause us stress? Think of a new baby, a new house, a new job, a new year … The arrival of the COVID-19 coronavirus is a huge stressor. We have had to make big changes to working conditions, home schooling children, …

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9 Things To Add To Your Kids Bedtime Checklist

Kids bedtime

Having a kids bedtime checklist can make bedtime so much easier for parents and help kids to have a great night’s sleep. Children thrive on routine and order, especially at the end of the day when they may be overtired and in need of comfort. 9 Things To Add To …

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5 Toddler Sleep Facts You Probably Never Heard Of

Sleeping Toddler

Many toddlers experience sleeping problems including but not limited to resisting sleep, night time awakening, sleeping fears, nightmares and night terrors. They have an incredible drive for independence with an increase in their motor skills and social abilities, which can interfere with their sleep patterns. Getting your toddler in a …

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How to Have More Sleep at Night

Sleeping Peacefully

Lacking sleep at 2:00 am at night is like a nightmare in itself. Yet, falling asleep is in your control in many ways than you think. Thus, sleep has been recommended by many doctors in various ways, for certain reasons as a solution for some illnesses. On average, most people …

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Snoring Mouthpieces: MAD Vs. TRD

Woman sleeping snore

Does your snoring keep you from getting a good night’s rest? Is it finally time to correct your snoring issue? Many people find relief from a snoring mouthpiece. If your doctor has recommended this option, we can help you find the right snoring mouthpiece. There are two major types of …

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How To Make Your Baby Sleep Much Better

Sleeping baby

Making your little baby or infant sleep for the whole night is really a big deal for many parents. For making your baby sleep better, you need to become more tolerant and more patient than anyone else in the world. It is basically a skilled art to foster quality sleep …

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4 Tips to Make Bedtime Easier in Your Home

Sleeping in bed feet out

Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night? Do you sometimes realize right after you climb under the covers that you left something on or you forgot to brush your teeth? Or is it your kids who can’t seem to stay in bed? Following some of the ideas listed …

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A Parent’s Guide To Co-Sleeping With A Baby

Comfortable bed

Co-sleeping is a practice in a household with infants or babies. It doesn’t necessarily mean that babies and parents are sleeping in the same bed as there has been an opposing opinions in doing so. It essentially means you and your sleeping child can be in the same room and …

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4 Myths About Snoring

Pretty dark haired woman sleeping

Both snorers, as well as people that don’t snore, believe in some snoring myths. However, a great part of them are not true. Many snorers made up a lot of these myths to try to somehow hide or justify their snoring. That is why we want to present you some …

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