Is it safe to take collagen while pregnant and breastfeeding

Is It Safe To Take Collagen While Pregnant And Breastfeeding?

A very common question asked by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers is whether it is safe to take collagen while pregnant and breastfeeding. Before we get into that perhaps we should first have a look at what collagen supplements are and why you would want to take them and then we can look at the safety aspect for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the protein in our bodies that is found in our muscles, skin, blood vessels, tendons, bones and digestive system. It replaces dead skin cells and gives our skin elasticity and strength. It is what holds all our joints and tendons together.

As we grow older our body produces less collagen, which is why we need to start taking better care of our skin as we get older. This reduction of collagen is responsible for the degeneration of your skin (ie wrinkles and sagging skin) as you get older, as well as joint and pains due to decreased or weaker cartilage.

Marine Collagen vs Bovine Collagen For Pregnancy and Nursing

Collagen supplements side effects can include high calcium levels and hypersensitivity reactions. It is important to note that collagen supplements are manufactured from bovine or marine sources, and you may be asking yourself if marine collagen safe while breastfeeding? If you have a shellfish allergy you need to be careful not to use marine collagen supplements. In fact advise that pregnant women should avoid shellfish altogether when pregnant and breastfeeding.  While marine collagen may offer more benefits for you than bovine collagen it is best to stick to bovine collagen when breastfeeding and pregnant.

Collagen supplements can come in the form of hydrolyzed collagen (tablets or powder), collagen tablets or collagen powder. It has to be noted that some collagen supplements leave a bad taste in your mouth and have an unpleasant smell, both of which might be not so great for you to handle if you are pregnant and have morning sickness.

Drinking fruit juice along with collagen supplements can help to hide the taste, just be warned that certain acidic fruit juices (such as tomato juice, grape juice, apple juice and orange juice) can weaken the strength of the collagen supplement so try to avoid those fruit juices.

Other than those things to check and look out for you should be fine to take collagen supplements while pregnant and breastfeeding. Ask your doctor about Collagen Complete which should be a great option if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Many women are interested to know if the very popular Youtheory collagen safe for breastfeeding – please note that it states on Amazon that it is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. While it is bovine sourced there may be traces of fish or chicken collagen.

Best Collagen For Breastfeeding Moms And During Pregnancy

The best option for buying collagen while pregnant or breastfeeding is a collagen supplement that is specially formulated for women that are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Biomeology Prenatal Collagen Peptides

This collagen powder supplement will give your body the collagen, glycine, amino acids, and essential protein it needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Here are the benefits of Biomeology Prenatal Collagen Peptides:

  • Promotes healthy digestion, improved immune health, strengthens bones, and assists to prevent and alleviate joint pain
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits
  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles and better control during pregnancy
  • Nourishes and hydrates skin to minimize stretch marks
  • Nourishes and and hydrates hair as well as helps to assist with postpartum hair loss
  • Improved brain function and better sleep
  • Amino acids support the healthy development of your baby
  • Pesticide free verified
  • Grass fed, pasture raised and verified pesticide free
  • No flavour and odour free – add it to your smoothie, soup, or beverage

Did you take collagen supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding? Let us know in the comments.

Pink Stork Collagen Powder

This collagen powder supplement has hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides as key ingredients. It promotes healthy bones and joints, improves skin elasticity, and reduces pains and aches associated with pregnancy. It is available in two flavours – Pina Colada and Pink Lemonade. To use add a scoop to your beverage of choice once a day.

Needed Expertly-Formulated & Tested Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Powder

This collagen supplement offers the following benefits:

  • Supports pelvic floor, prevents vaginal tearing and stretch marks, as well as assists with recovery after birth
  • The protein and amino acids assist women to meet the growing needs of their baby and body during pregnancy
  • Assists to manage weight and blood sugar, joint pain, nausea and other symptoms related to not getting in enough protein while pregnant
  • Sourced ethically from the hides pasture-raised, hormone-free, grass-fed bovines

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  1. So much of benefits i never thoughts of using it before thanks @lynne i will conceder it

  2. Fatima Bibi Hoosen

    I used to try to drink gelatin when I was pregnant but the taste and smell was just too off putting so o wasn’t consistent
    I was hoping it could prevent new stretch marks from forming and help heal the ones I already had
    But because I wasn’t consistent, I didn’t see any results

    When my baby was about 6 weeks I came across hydrolyzed marine collagen
    I bought it in powder form but decided to fill it into capsules
    I take 2-3 every morning before or with my breakfast
    I’ve been really consistent and I can see the difference in my hair, skin and nails
    My stretch marks have improved and look noticeably smoother

  3. Great, I’m going to check in with my gynea first and then want to start.

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