Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

3 Fruits You Need to Avoid During Pregnancy For A Healthy Baby

Pregnancy is not an illness or a disease. It is a one of a kind experience all the able women out there. In general, uncomplicated pregnancy should be a happy experience. There is no definite limitation for the activities and the diet of a pregnant woman.

But, there are certain limitations and guidelines that will make the whole experience less uncomfortable for you. When you gain too much weight, your baby might grow big quickly. Traveling is okay but it will be uncomfortable soon when your belly bulges.

3 fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy Sneak Peak

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. The first is the most delicate of them all. This is when the brain and other vital organs are formed. At this stage, foods rich in folic acid and DHA should be eaten in high amounts to supply the needs of your growing baby.

On the second trimester, the skin, bones, and muscles start to develop and cover the body of your baby. During this stage, eating a balanced diet rich in protein and calcium is advised. This will give your baby the right building blocks to grow and avoid malformation.

During the third trimester, your baby is almost complete. Even preterm labors have a high viability at this stage. Your baby rapidly grows from your nourishment. At this point, sweets should be limited to a minimum to make sure that your baby will not be too big to pass the birth canal.

Pregnancy and Nutrition

For the whole duration of pregnancy, no specific type of food is strictly advised to be avoided. But some food is encouraged, and some are not. Your eating habits will have a huge impact on your baby. Eating junk food is not advised for healthy, non-pregnant, individuals. Now that you are pregnant, you must try to avoid it at all cost.

Drink More Milk

Our bones are made up of calcium. Your baby, too, needs calcium to support bone growth in the womb. You will need twice as much calcium as before, and milk is your most available resource. You may also want to increase your consumption of other dairy products and take supplements as needed.

Eat More Greens

Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. You want to increase your fiber to maintain the regularity of your bowel movement. Your intestines will naturally be constricted by the growing fetus, and your bowel movement may be affected. Increasing roughage intake will help you prevent constipation.

Fruits to Avoid

While some fruits give a lot of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, there are some fruits that are not advised to be eaten in large quantities.

  1. Papaya

While it is true that papaya can help you with constipation, some experts don’t advise eating them in large quantities during the first trimester. Especially the unripe variety. Papaya contains an enzyme that activates oxytocin (the hormone responsible for producing milk and uterine contraction).

Eating too much of it may induce labor. At full term, this is a good thing. But for the developing baby under nine months, this means, pre-term labor.

  1. Pineapple

Pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and lots of insoluble fiber. But the problem is, they are not encouraged to be included in the diet for pregnant women. They are acidic and may cause reflux and heartburn if you have a sensitive stomach.

There is also a small risk of miscarriage as a substance called bromelain, present in pineapples, are believed to induce uterine contractions in the early stages of pregnancy.

  1. Ripe Mangoes

Though there is nothing wrong with eating ripe mangoes during pregnancy, it is ill-advised during the last trimester. Mango is high in sugar, and this may lead to an induced state of diabetes. Though this is transient and goes away after labor, managing sugar in the late stage of pregnancy can be a nuisance.

It may not directly affect your baby in a bad way, but high sugar will cause your baby to grow rapidly and make normal delivery difficult.

In Summary

Pregnancy should be a happy experience not only for the mommies but the couple. Nine months may seem like a long time, but pregnancy takes away your days without noticing it much!

Balanced diet and exercise are advised for expectant mothers. Though there are not many food restrictions, some food may not benefit you or your baby during your pregnancy. It is advised to avoid them or eat them in moderation.

Hope you learned a few things while reading this. Share this page with friends so that they, too, can find out what they should eat and avoid during pregnancy! Contact me bellow if you have questions to ask. I’ll connect with you in a while.

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  1. I must admit i ate papaya and mango not very offten just in fruit salads i got from spar.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I remember eating some papaya too but not a huge amount. I don’t think eating a tiny amount of it will be a massive problem, but if you get one of those crazy pregnancy cravings to eat like 4 pineapples in one go then I think try and give that a skip!

      • I like papaya but since I am pregnant i never thought of it I guess it’s a good thing

  2. Luckely that was something i did not eat at all. I drank alot of milk as it did wonders for my heartburn. A 2 liter a day! Many people say you must avoid oranges? Why is that? Whith my firstborn i had orange craving and no problems

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I am not sure why people say you should avoid oranges, maybe it makes the heartburn and reflux worse? I am sure I ate oranges! I love them 🙂

      With my first baby I craved chocolate milk, I made so much of it at home I am sure I also had at least 2 liters a day!

  3. I used to eat lots of papaya before I get pregnant but now its not one of my favorite am enjoying bananas more than ever and I make use before bed I drink cup of warm milk with honey

  4. Congratulations momy @ma ashar

  5. Omg all this fruits are so yummy that when i was pregnent i was only craving mango juice now and then

  6. Very interesting! I did not know that. I only learned with my last pregnancy that feta is to be avoided. I craved feta with my third pregnancy, eating tubs and tubs of it. It had to be the black pepper one, lol. Luckily my daughter is healthy.

  7. with my last pregnancy, baby jus didn’t want to come. i read eating pineapple might help inducing labour. so i ended up eating pineapple after pineapple. didnt help though as baby refused to come. i was booked to induce Labour and ended up having an emergency c-section.

  8. During my first pregnancy I craved pineapple a lot, and really struggled with heartburn… After reading this, I understand the connection. 9 weeks pregnant now, and again I find myself craving hamburgers with pineapple on. This time around I’ll be more careful. Here is to a heartburn free pregnancy…. I hope. ?

    • I also loooove pineapples. Yummy, a burger with pineapple will be really good right now 😉 Good luck with your pregnancy and the heartburn.

  9. Wow I never knew that about pineapples. So thats why I struggle with alot of heartburn during my pregnancy. Thank you for this insightful article.

  10. OMG I ate Ripe mangoes so often as it was one of my on going cravings and I did end up with pre-term delivery, my water broke on its own at 7months 3 weeks and boom out came my baby, at 2.452kgs.
    He was regarded as underweight, was kept overnight and we was discharged the next day.

  11. Ooo. I lived of pineapple! Fortunately, heartburn didn’t affect me as much during my first pregnancy. Insightful article indeed.

  12. Wow! I never knew all this. Very insightful indeed! Now that I am in my last trimester I will be sure to steer clear of these fruits… Thank you!

  13. Lauren Kinghorn

    Fascinating post, Kristin. I did not know these 3 fruits were an issue in pregnancy. I craved fruit in my pregnancy and ate copious amounts of fruit. I can’t remember whether pineapple and papaya were on my hit list but am sure mango was. Fortunately my sugar levels were fine. If I ever get pregnant again (here’s hoping), will keep this in mind.

  14. Cheron Hercules

    I know about these fruits. I did so much researched throughout my pregnancies. I was very careful . Better be safe than sorry

  15. OMG never would I have thought my most favorite fruits of all time are not good for you during pregnancy. Great insight.

  16. Wow never heard this before

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