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7 Ways To Prepare Your Preschooler For Primary School


Starting primary school is a big milestone for parents and young children alike. Many parents worry that their children won’t cope and that their child may not be well prepared for primary school. Ways To Prepare Your Preschooler For Primary School Chat To Your Child’s Preschool Teacher If you have …

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3 Essential Ways To Prepare Your Child For College

College Kids

Your child may only be in primary school now, but you need to prepare your child for college long before your child starts high school. The earlier you start preparing the better the chances of your child being able to go to college. If you leave your preparations too late …

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7 Tips For Helping Your Child With Homework

Mom and daughter doing homework

We all want our children to become successful and to do good in school. Many parents may overstep when it comes to homework. But by doing your child’s homework for them you’re not doing them any favours. There’s a reason why children get homework and by doing it for them, …

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5 Productivity Hacks for Students

School girl taking notes

Getting through a day at school, whether it be high school or college, can be just as tricky and exhausting as a full-time job. Staying organized keeps you moving through your day in the most productive way possible, without getting distracted by the little time-wasters that pull you off track. …

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How Buddy Benches Help Kids Build Social Skills

Buddy bench

In primary school, your child is not only learning language and mathematics; he is also acquiring valuable skills on how to socially interact with other children his age. Unlike knowledge that can be studied alone, social skills need to be practised with others. Teaching children to deal with people is …

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What Is Early Childhood Care and Education?

Arts and crafts for kids paint

School is a necessity and usually a legal requirement. However it is only compulsory for your child to start pre-primary in the year they turn 5; providing this is before the 30th June. Unfortunately if you wait until this age to send your child to school you may find that …

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6 Tips from Buccaneer Kids for Choosing School Shoes

Tips for choosing school shoes

Your child will be spending many years wearing school shoes and it is vital that your child wears the correct shoes. We chatted to Buccaneer School Shoes to find out what parents need to consider when choosing school shoes for their child. Buccaneer is a sponsor in our Baby Photo Competitions, …

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