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Best Tips For A Smooth Shift To E-learning

The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world into conflict. Educators and academic institutions are taking learning to the digital realm due to this uncertainty and speculation surrounding COVID-19. The transition to virtual classrooms is causing concern among students and educators alike.

Adapting to the digital domain will take time since it is a new experience. Furthermore, online learning produces less effective results than traditional classroom learning. The good news is that students can continue to learn without taking a break if they adopt specific strategies. Here are a few examples in this post:

Best Tips For A Smooth Shift To E-learning

Establish A Schedule

You can maintain a strict schedule of learning by leading a disciplined life. While online learning offers excellent flexibility, it does not mean we become ill-prepared. A vicious cycle of laziness will ensue if you sleep late, wake up late, ignore deadlines, etc.

Ensure you follow a daily and weekly study schedule in the online course so you don’t fall behind. Establish study hours, set project deadlines, and allow yourself time to study independently. Be sure to follow these guidelines diligently so that the flexibility of an online class won’t hinder your learning.

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Use Technology

Teaching and learning will be more effective and engaging with the help of technology. Using tools such as discussion boards, blogs, YouTube videos, wikis, etc., helps students understand concepts better. Furthermore, students can use online study tools with several academic documents, like this Biology quiz on evolution from students doing the same course worldwide, to enhance their learning. Using these tools in a virtual setting shouldn’t be a problem.

As you begin to use digital tools in teaching concepts, students’ learning experience and engagement will improve. Because online learning is also new to students, you should let them use these tools for their assignments and projects. Virtual learning will become easier for them as they become more comfortable.

Socialize Virtually

You can still have a social life despite social distancing and remote learning. Virtualize the experience through your educational forums! In times like this, it is crucial to maintain and build your social network since your peers are a constant source of ideas, inspiration, and support.

Moreover, your friends will be grateful for your help as well. Keeping a balance is critical, and not letting this become a real distraction.

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Avoid Social Media

During a lockdown, social media can become a significant distraction. It is easy to get distracted by various app notifications on your smart device. You won’t even realize how much time you have wasted browsing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Another big distraction is binge-watching movies and TV shows. To minimize distractions during studies, silence or turn off the notifications on your smart device. During your study hours, keep your smart devices away so that you can concentrate.

Create a Study Area

Your online course will require you to study for hours and to focus. Therefore, creating an organized and well-defined space for learning and attending classes is necessary. Avoid distractions, such as bed, entertainment devices, etc., at the study place.

You will need to equip this study place with the materials you will need to complete the course. It is better to attend class in your study than sit or lie in the living room.


Telling stories is one of the most effective teaching tools in a virtual environment. Students can connect with content through the narrative; their engagement increases as they become engrossed in the stories. Share stories with students in your class and incorporate them into your teaching content.

Using real-life stories and experiences, explain the concepts to students to grab their attention. Storytelling will provide students with a great learning experience.

Excellent Audio And Visuals

When teaching online, ensure your students can see or hear you. You don’t want poor lighting to ruin your enthusiasm for learning. You should place a lighting course before your face while taking the class. Consider sitting near a window in the day class so the Sun can do most of the work for you. A lack of good lighting can reduce engagement, and students will feed off your energy.

Students who cannot hear anything during an online session will become disengaged. It is recommended that you use headphones equipped with a microphone to reduce the noise from outside. If your computer or smart device has audible notifications, turn them off before you take a class.


Everyone is experiencing a seismic shift because of the transition to online learning. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Take one step at a time and keep these tips in mind. It should be enough to get you started.

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