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14 Insightful Teen Parenting Books You Must Read

Woman reading parenting book

The tween and teenage years are a unique phase of development where young minds undergo significant changes emotionally, physically, and socially. As a parent, navigating this transitional period can be both rewarding and challenging. Fortunately, several insightful books offer guidance and support, helping parents understand and effectively parent their tweens. …

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Top SA Literary Stars Turn Out To Inspire Learners – Koa Academy To Host Online Creative Writing Workshop For Grades 8-11

Creative Writing Workshop

Koa Academy, South Africa’s high-engagement online school will be ending the 2023 school year on a high note by hosting an online workshop for grades 8-11, featuring some of the country’s top creative writers.  The stellar line-up of presenters includes best-selling novelist Lauren Beukes, beloved musician and lyricist, Majozi, award-winning …

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Effects Of Divorce On Family Relationships

Divorce agreement

Divorce can have a profound impact on family relationships, altering the dynamics that once defined your household. When a marriage ends, the ripple effect touches every family member. The dynamics that once defined the household undergo a transformation, leading to redefined roles and reshaped emotional connections. In most countries, couples seeking …

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How To Help Your Child Choose A College Major

Teenager in college

Choosing a college major is a significant decision that can shape a student’s academic journey and future career. As a parent, you can play an important role in guiding your child through this process. Here’s how to help your child choose a college major. How To Help Your Child Choose …

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10 Fun Ways For Kids To Bond With Their Dog

Child bonding with dog

Bringing a new dog into the family is an exciting and heart-warming experience. It’s a momentous occasion that can bring immense joy and companionship to your household. For kids, in particular, having a new furry friend can be a source of endless fun and learning. Building a strong bond between …

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7 Fun Activities You Can Plan With Your Girlfriends

Women friendships

Spending quality time with your closest girlfriends is one of life’s greatest pleasures that cannot be matched by anything else. These instances of shared experience will forever remain ingrained in our memories. You have compiled a list of seven pleasant activities that appeal to various interests and tastes to assist …

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