Kaboutjie https://kaboutjie.com SA Mommy Blogs by Lynne Huysamen Mon, 17 Feb 2020 15:45:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://kaboutjie.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/cropped-favicon-new-kaboutjie-1-32x32.png Kaboutjie https://kaboutjie.com 32 32 3 Essential Ways To Prepare Your Child For College https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/prepare-your-child-for-college/ https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/prepare-your-child-for-college/#respond Mon, 17 Feb 2020 15:45:17 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49652 Your child may only be in primary school now, but you need to prepare your child for college long before your child starts high school. The earlier you start preparing the better the chances of your child being able to go to college. If you leave your preparations too late you may find that you …

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Travel Essentials For Baby Abroad: Top 7 Things To Pack https://kaboutjie.com/travel/travel-essentials-for-baby-abroad/ https://kaboutjie.com/travel/travel-essentials-for-baby-abroad/#respond Mon, 17 Feb 2020 01:50:47 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49640 Kids are a marvel, but they do tend to complicate things a bit now and then. After all, our lifestyles change drastically — especially when we have our precious firstborn. On the other hand, today’s baby products available in the market can solve pretty much any issue parents may have. If you can easily find …

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4 Healthy Ways To Lose Weight https://kaboutjie.com/weight-loss/4-healthy-ways-to-lose-weight/ https://kaboutjie.com/weight-loss/4-healthy-ways-to-lose-weight/#respond Fri, 14 Feb 2020 09:09:22 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49615 Losing weight is something many people have in common around the world. For some, it is an easy task, but for many others, losing weight is very difficult and many people do not succeed for one reason or another. Fortunately, there are many resources, tips, and advice one can turn to for assistance when it …

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Top 5 Best Sports Games For Family https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/top-5-best-sports-games-for-family/ https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/top-5-best-sports-games-for-family/#respond Wed, 12 Feb 2020 10:56:19 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49612 Weeks and months have gone without you spending time with your family. Now you are relieved from work, and the children are home for holidays. So, your next plan is to find an activity that will make you spend precious time with them and enjoy it too. Sports is one of the ways you can …

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4 Foods You Should Avoid When Trying To Conceive https://kaboutjie.com/pregnancy-birth/4-foods-you-should-avoid-when-trying-to-conceive/ https://kaboutjie.com/pregnancy-birth/4-foods-you-should-avoid-when-trying-to-conceive/#respond Tue, 11 Feb 2020 10:47:57 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=47913 Some women fall pregnant easily while others struggle. There can be many reasons for not falling pregnant easily. It might be a good idea to look at your diet and cut out some things that may be making it difficult for you to conceive. Peas While peas have various health benefits, it’s not optimal for …

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The Benefits Of Massage For Busy Mothers https://kaboutjie.com/health-safety/the-benefits-of-massage-for-busy-mothers/ https://kaboutjie.com/health-safety/the-benefits-of-massage-for-busy-mothers/#respond Mon, 10 Feb 2020 16:06:22 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49596 Being a mother is probably the hardest job in the world, and sometimes the pressure of raising a little one can become unbearable. As well as catering to every need your child has, many mums have other responsibilities such as a full time career to juggle as well. However, there is a bit of relief …

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Growing Pains In Children – Signs, Symptoms And The Remedy https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/growing-pains-in-children/ https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/growing-pains-in-children/#comments Fri, 07 Feb 2020 06:50:32 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49240 Growing pains are achy, cramping muscle pains that are often experienced in the calves, front of the thighs or behind the knees. These pains tend to happen during the night and affect both legs. Some children even wake up. Despite these pains being referred to as growing pains, no evidence exists that growing hurts. Growing …

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8 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy https://kaboutjie.com/pregnancy-birth/8-tips-for-a-healthy-pregnancy/ https://kaboutjie.com/pregnancy-birth/8-tips-for-a-healthy-pregnancy/#respond Thu, 06 Feb 2020 11:28:19 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49575 You’ve just seen two lines on your pregnancy test. Congratulations: very soon you’ll finally see your beloved baby! In the meantime, you need to enjoy your pregnancy because it’s a fantastic period. However, the health of your baby depends on your behavior during pregnancy, so you need to make sure you are taking good care …

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5 Popular And Effective Home Remedies https://kaboutjie.com/health-safety/5-popular-and-effective-home-remedies/ https://kaboutjie.com/health-safety/5-popular-and-effective-home-remedies/#respond Wed, 05 Feb 2020 16:02:54 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49568 Home remedies are a popular strategy to manage minor health symptoms on your own, but why are they so popular? And are they even effective? Today you will learn the truth behind some popular home remedies that you have used over time Mothers and grandmas are part of a cultural tradition that includes, among other …

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Heart Health 101: What is a Heart Attack? https://kaboutjie.com/health-safety/heart-health-101-what-is-a-heart-attack/ https://kaboutjie.com/health-safety/heart-health-101-what-is-a-heart-attack/#respond Wed, 05 Feb 2020 07:39:39 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49556 The Heart is the epicenter of the human body. The functioning of every vital organ depends on the continuous blood supply made possible by the heart’s non-stop electrical rhythm. The heart muscle, known as myocardium, needs nourishment in turn. If the normal blood supply to the heart muscle tissue gets disrupted, the heart muscle begins …

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Miscarriage and Loss – Facebook Live with Lynne Huysamen and Vicky Scheepers https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/miscarriage-and-loss-lynne-huysamen-vicky-scheepers/ https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/miscarriage-and-loss-lynne-huysamen-vicky-scheepers/#comments Mon, 03 Feb 2020 11:23:05 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49431 Recently I went live on my Facebook page Kaboutjie for the first time to talk about miscarriage and loss with Vicky Scheepers. It was a very emotional experience for me, but I am so glad that I got to share my story live with you. There are so many women that have had miscarriages and …

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7 Types Of Sustainable Energy Sources https://kaboutjie.com/go-green/7-types-sustainable-energy-sources/ https://kaboutjie.com/go-green/7-types-sustainable-energy-sources/#respond Mon, 03 Feb 2020 06:14:37 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49511 It is essential for the world to start looking at sustainable energy sources. It is simply not possible to continue using fossil fuels as we have in the past. We are faced with a climate crisis and we need to find alternative ways of meeting our energy needs. According to Douglas Healy there are 7 …

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Reasons Why Pets Are Good For Your Kids https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/reasons-why-pets-are-good-for-your-kids/ https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/reasons-why-pets-are-good-for-your-kids/#respond Sat, 01 Feb 2020 05:04:20 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49498 Most parents want to ensure their kids grow up in a healthy and warm environment, and they read tens of books and spend thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars on ensuring their kids have a great childhood.  There are certainly a lot of great resources out there, but although the kids’ material and …

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VBAC Facts – 6 Vital Things You Should Know About Having A VBAC https://kaboutjie.com/pregnancy-birth/vbac-facts/ https://kaboutjie.com/pregnancy-birth/vbac-facts/#respond Fri, 31 Jan 2020 08:42:39 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=47204 If you had your baby via C-section and are pregnant again, it is possible for you to have a choice between a repeat C-section or opting for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). You need to know the VBAC facts to make the best decision. Research has revealed that many women who opted for VBAC …

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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts for 2020 https://kaboutjie.com/gifts/thoughtful-mothers-day-gifts-for-2020/ https://kaboutjie.com/gifts/thoughtful-mothers-day-gifts-for-2020/#respond Thu, 30 Jan 2020 15:44:58 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49479 To the people in the USA,  Mother’s Day marks an important tradition to commemorate the sacrifices, love, and wisdom mothers do for their children. You would know that mother’s day is just around the corner when you notice people rushing to the hallmark, retail stores, and other malls to buy gifts even if the Christmas …

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5 Indications To Let You Know Your Baby Is Getting Enough Milk https://kaboutjie.com/breastfeeding/baby-getting-enough-milk/ https://kaboutjie.com/breastfeeding/baby-getting-enough-milk/#respond Wed, 29 Jan 2020 18:56:31 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=47937 Nursing can be somewhat of a guessing game at first trying to figure out if your baby is getting enough milk. It is many mom’s worry that their baby may perhaps not be drinking enough milk and when you are breastfeeding it is not always easy to know exactly how much milk your baby is …

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My Top Health And Beauty Products PLUS Giveaway https://kaboutjie.com/beauty/my-top-health-and-beauty-products/ https://kaboutjie.com/beauty/my-top-health-and-beauty-products/#comments Wed, 29 Jan 2020 15:33:29 +0000 http://kaboutjie.com/?p=49453 It’s 2020 – a new year and a new decade! While I don’t ever make any New Year’s Resolutions I do enjoy getting back into routine and focusing on my health after the festive season. All that yummy food and lying around on the beach makes for a wobblier tummy and leaves me in need …

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The Difference Between Baby Blues And Perinatal Depression Explained https://kaboutjie.com/pregnancy-birth/baby-blues-perinatal-depression/ https://kaboutjie.com/pregnancy-birth/baby-blues-perinatal-depression/#respond Tue, 28 Jan 2020 08:04:57 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=47932 Pregnancy, labour, birth and adjusting to a new baby brings about many changes to a woman’s life. While it is a time to celebrate and there are many joys it is not easy to adjust. Baby blues are very common after giving birth and many women experience perinatal depression. What exactly are baby blues? Due …

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5 Tricks To Maintain A Tidy Home With Toddlers https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/5-tricks-to-maintain-a-tidy-home-with-toddlers/ https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/5-tricks-to-maintain-a-tidy-home-with-toddlers/#respond Sat, 25 Jan 2020 09:24:30 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49421 Having toddlers at home can present a real challenge for a person who loves to keep things tidy. Mothers, in particular, want the house to look aesthetically appealing; thus, they put importance on organizing things properly. Now, with toddlers around, it takes an added load of energy and patience to make sure the home is …

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Popular Names In Denmark https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/popular-names-in-denmark/ https://kaboutjie.com/parenting/popular-names-in-denmark/#respond Sat, 25 Jan 2020 05:11:15 +0000 https://kaboutjie.com/?p=49415 If you are a future parent and are thinking of giving your child a Scandinavian name, we only have a list for you. But be prepared for a few surprises. Sophia and William are Danes’ favorite children’s names … again. William is the most popular name registered for newborn boys in Denmark for the seventh …

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