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Behind The Scenes September 2022 – Busy Month Moving Home

September 2022 was an incredibly busy month. The third term came to an end with loads of school activities, as well as moving home. Getting to any work was close to impossible. I’m looking forward to a quieter October catching up on work and settling into our new home.

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Behind The Scenes September 2022 – Monthly Update

On Friday I went live on Facebook after not doing a live video update since 02 September and I felt like a fish out of water going live directly on Facebook rather than using Streamyard, my normal streaming platform. Streamyard started scheduling my live videos in an event on Facebook rather than directly on my Facebook page which is not the way I wanted it. I’ve since contacted Streamyard and figured out that if I stream live at the time rather than schedule my live video I can go live directly on my Facebook page, so I am looking forward to trying that out when I do my next live video.

You can watch my live video replay here.

Moving Home

What a mission our move was. It never happened how I anticipated it would and isn’t that always the case? Packing was quite easy as I did it over a period of a few weeks. The removal company, Langebaan Removals, was absolutely fantastic. They arrived on time, handled our goods with care, and did the job really quickly and professionally.

The tricky bit came moving into the house since we moved into my father in law’s house and he built a flat for himself in the garden. Finishing the flat was delayed with the result being that we all piled into the house, furniture, boxes and all. It took a few days for the flat to be finished after we arrived. I couldn’t find a thing for days.

We’ve been in the house for just over 2 weeks now and things are a lot more settled and organized, although we do have some things to still sort out. It is an ongoing process.

School Events And End Of Term

Wow what a busy end to the third term. Isn’t it crazy how things are quiet for a while then suddenly everything comes at once?

The weekend before break up day my son had a chess tournament in Caledon. My sister in law and I fetched our sons from school on the Friday and drove straight to Caledon with our buys starting the first part of the tournament at 6pm and finishing at 9pm. We then drove to Hermanus to stay over night with her sister.

We drove back to Caledon arriving at 7am with our boys playing all day and attending the prize giving afterwards. We only got out of there at 8h30pm and drove back to Hermanus for the night. In the morning we spent some time in Hermanus before getting home after 5pm.

On the Monday my daughter had a dress rehearsal for her concert, with her concert nights being Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday my son went to Somerset West for the day to take part in a STEAMD event.

Then Friday was break up day and I felt completely done in, however, there was no time for rest. We packed and moved things the whole weekend, with the removal company coming on the Monday to move our big items. Honestly, I was feeling burnt out before that week started and by the end I was bombed.

Sweets Opposite The Sex Gimmicks?

Something that really ticked me off and shocked me recently was going to the R5 Store in Vredenburg to find a wizard hat for my son’s Harry Potter outfit for book character dress up day. I found the wizard hat quickly and then my kids wanted to look around. I followed them around not really paying attention and of course we landed up in the sweets aisle.

Next thing my son taps me on my shoulder and asks me “What’s this?” so I look at what he was holding in his hand. It was a plastic figurine of a naked couple doing a 69. I looked past him at the shelves opposite the sweets and there is row after row of sex gimmicks. A variety of huge plastic penises and more…. I told my kids quick get out of this aisle. At the end of the aisle there was a shop assistant and asked her what on earth they were thinking putting sweets and penises along with 69’ers right opposite each other. She just looked at me and blinked, not saying a word.

I got my kids to the till quickly and paid for my wizard hat. I told a few friends of mine and they said they have experienced similar things in the R5 stores so just watch out. I was completely blindsided by this.

While I talk openly with my kids about sex and other tricky topics I keep it age appropriate, I’m not ready to talk about oral sex and 69’ers with kids (8 and 10 years old).

West Coast Flower Season

I love flower season in the West Coast. After a long winter it always makes me hopeful and happy when I see the flowers coming out. This year flower season started much later than usual, probably due to the winter being so harsh.

My cousin came down from UK and we hooked up with a friend and took a drive to Jacobs Bay. We had lovely brunch at The House Of Bean & Leaf then took a drive to see the flowers.  It was my first time going to Jacobs Bay to see the flowers, I usually go to the West Coast Park.

Going Away For My Mom’s 70th

After all the craziness of September it was so welcome to get away for the weekend to join my parents and sister at Suikerbossie Guest Farm in Citrusdal to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday.

We all got to rest and relax and enjoy the beautiful venue, as well as spend some quality time together as a family.

I will be writing a review on Suikerbossie Guest Farm, it was one of the best places we’ve been to. It is right on the river, offering camping and glamping accommodation, as well as cabins. The atmosphere was amazing.

New Puzzles And Puzzle Mat

I love doing puzzles with my sister in law and friend. We try to get together every week or so and do puzzles, chat and drink coffee. I bought two new puzzles in September as well as a puzzle mat from Takealot. The puzzle mat is fantastic. You roll it out and build your puzzle on it and then you can roll up your incomplete puzzle to pack it away so it is out of the way and your puzzle pieces don’t go missing.

I’m still playing catch up with work and trying to find my feet after the move, but I will share some pictures and more information on it soon.

Ysense Earnings And Home Decor

I had another month earning $100+ through Ysense surveys and the bedside tables that I bought using Amazon gift cards from my Ysense earnings arrived. The bedside tables are perfect I will share pictures soon. I’m working on building up some more Amazon gift cards to buy some more things for my home.

You can read my Ysense review here and sign up here.


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  2. I hope you are enjoying your new neighbourhood, did you make any friends yet? are your kids back at school yet?

    • Yes the kids are back in school now and its going well with the bus so far 🙂 We don’t know too many people in the area yet but we will get there.

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