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Nature Is Healing, And So Can We

While the Earth’s ecosystem is certainly fragile, it is also incredibly resilient. The ecosystem, on which we all depend, has the most uncanny ability to adjust and react to what is happening inside it. While the Covid-91 pandemic spreads across the planet like wildfire, and societies go into lockdown to …

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The Importance Of Zinc In Fighting Viral Infections

The COVID-19 outbreak sparked a new health revolution, with people swarming health stores and pharmacies for items like vitamins, mineral supplements, and other immune-boosting solutions. Stocking up on vitamin C is a good idea, especially since it is winter, but there might just be an immunity booster that’s even better. …

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How To Buy And Properly Use A Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Coronavirus is a respiratory viral disease that reared its head at the beginning of 2020. It originated in China but rapidly spread all across the globe and in March 2020 it was declared to be a global health emergency by the World Health Organization. It was also discovered that the …

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Worksheetcloud Offers Free Live Online Lessons To Learners

Children with laptop

Worksheetcloud launches free online lessons for grades 3 to 7, offering learners up to three live-streamed online lessons per day from Thursday 2 April, during the national lockdown.  Subjects covered initially will be Mathematics, English and Natural Science, with more grades and subjects added over time. To join a live …

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Coronavirus Effects On Parents In South Africa

Coronavirus Effects on Parents In South Africa

It is heart breaking to see the havoc that is being wreaked across the globe due to the Coronavirus in the last few weeks and now that COVID-19 has hit South Africa things are getting rough. In the last few days I have seen some people have to close their …

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