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9 Things To Add To Your Kids Bedtime Checklist

Having a kids bedtime checklist can make bedtime so much easier for parents and help kids to have a great night’s sleep. Children thrive on routine and order, especially at the end of the day when they may be overtired and in need of comfort.

Kids Bedtime Checklist

9 Things To Add To Your Kids Bedtime Checklist

Each family will have unique things that they may want to add to their bedtime routine, so feel free to add those to your kids bedtime checklist, and if any of these are of no interest to you and your kids feel free to scratch them off. It is important to create a bedtime routine that works well for you and your kids, you may need to tweak it as you go along. As your kids get older you may need to make adjustments.

Bedtime Preparations

This can involve your child tidying up his room and getting his pj’s ready. Sleeping in an untidy room is not relaxing and it is great to get your child into good habits of a tidy room before bed. It also means that if you have to go into the room at night it will prevent you tripping over toys and standing on Lego blocks.

The same goes for your child if he wakes up at night and comes charging into your room. A tidy room means less chance of nighttime accidents.

Brush Teeth

It is so important to get your child into the habit of brushing his teeth every night before bed as soon as possible. Dental health is so important and you want to put off that first filling for as long as possible.

Go To The Toilet

Children will often forget to go to the toilet before bed and this can lead to accidents and night time wake ups which can so easily be prevented. If your child is doing night time potty training make sure to get your child to go to the toilet just before he goes to sleep every night.

Depending on your child’s age it is also a great idea to get them into the habit of going to the toilet before they get in the bath to prevent accidents in the bath.


Having a bath before bed is so much more than getting your child clean. A bath can be incredibly soothing for your baby and help your child to wind down after a busy day and get him mentally ready for bedtime.

Kids bath time


Massage offers many benefits for your child and you can start including massage into your child’s routine from a very young age. It is a fantastic way to bond and to help your child wind down.

Play Soothing Music

My kids just love listening to music when they go to sleep. So I am always on the look out for relaxing, quiet time, soothing sleep music. You can put together a night time play list or have a look on Youtube for Sleep Music For Kids | Sleep Little Baby.

It is a well known fact that listening to soothing music is a fantastic way to help kids switch off and relax, letting them transition gently into sleep. There is a reason why mothers sing lullabies to their babies.

Read Together

There are so many reasons why you should be reading to your kids every day, from being beneficial for language development to boosting your child’s creativity. It is also a fantastic way to bond and cuddle with your child at the end of the day. Children love being read to and you can create some beautiful lasting memories for you and your child.

Award Daily Stars

We use a kids reward app and every evening one of the last things we do is go through their day and awards stars for all their achievements. It is a lovely thing to do and ends the day off on a good note because it is something they always look forward to. No matter how our day has gone, if we can end it on a positive note they go to bed happy and content.

Bedtime Prayers

Saying prayers before bedtime is a great thing to add to your kid’s bedtime routine, it is not only for those that are religious. Prayers can be a way of giving thanks and showing gratitude for all the things that you have. You can also pray for those that you love.

For me praying is not about religion, it is about mindfulness and gratitude.

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  1. Great tips, definitely worth implementing

  2. I love the daily stars award tip. As a mother working from home with my 2 young kids, life gets busy and I personally tend to forget to reward my kids daily for being the best (even at their worse). I’m chuffed to have come across your blog and find every article relatable and insightful <3

    • My kids love getting their stars at the end of the day, it makes bedtime fun and enjoyable. I’m so glad I could share that with you Zoereena, and make your day easier with your kids. I can totally relate to working from home with kids – life is so chaotic!

  3. i love the tips thank you the star rewards work wonderfull

  4. Great tips indeed. My children will love this routine.

  5. This is very handy, will add to my little ones bedtime routine

  6. Martie Van vledder

    In our routine the most important is taking a bath before bedtime. helps them wind down. but will try the other tips aswell. Thanks for the good advice

  7. This is a great list of tips.. I’m definitely gonna incorporate a few of these into our routine… my kids cannot sleep if we dont pray at night.. that has been a main element of them falling asleep every night…

  8. Love that we do most of these at our bedtime routine but definitely will be adding some more of these tips given here

  9. i love doing bedtime prayers, i ask my kiddo to close her eyes and she does it so well. We do a bubble bath before bedtime every night

  10. I love this bedtime routine.

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