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Summer Style Guide: 8 Beach Wear Tips To Try

When you feel the need to shed winter layers for short sleeves and sandals, it’s probably time to start planning your summer wardrobe.

Deciding on the right outfit from dresses, cover-ups and swimwear in the UAE doesn’t always come easy. You flip through Pinterest boards for inspiration, comb Instagram for beach fashion trends, and wait for the muse to strike. Still, nothing jumps out at you.

To spare you those agonisingly long hours of scrolling, here are eight summer fashion tips to put a chic spin on your beach style and make heads turn:

8 Beach Wear Tips

  1. Go For Vibrant Colours

Summer is all about breaking out those bold colours that have been collecting dust in your wardrobe, starting with your swimwear. Think pretty shades of pink and coral that contrast nicely with the blue of the sea and sky, bright yellow and gold for a super playful, positive beach vibe, or a robust red that makes a statement and works with every complexion.

  1. Throw In Some Prints

Print bikinis and one-pieces could be just the thing to liven up your summer ensemble. These swimming costumes usually come with feminine details like frills, ruffles, ribbon closures and bows that will make you stand out by the shore.

If you’re a vintage fashion lover, then a retro bikini with a mix of polka dots and floral print is sure to hit the spot. For ladies with more modern tastes, perhaps a geometric print one-piece is a better option.

  1. Bring A Maxi Dress

A maxi beach dress is useful in every situation. You can wear it over your swimming costume to grab a drink by the pool or pair it with your fanciest sandals and statement jewellery for a seaside candlelight dinner.

Whether it’s a printed one with some bohemian flair or a tan-coloured classic, A maxi dress is an essential item for an effortlessly chic summer look.

  1. Add A Sarong

On the subject of versatility, sarongs are another fantastic multipurpose accessory. This piece of fabric is commonly worn as a skirt over bare legs or draped over shoulders for extra sun protection.

You can match them with a lively bikini or bodysuit, tie them into a halter dress or style them with a crochet top and denim shorts for a casual look.

  1. Embrace Linen

Linen is an all-time favourite summer textile in the fashion world for a few reasons. It’s a breathable, quick-to-dry fabric with a sturdy texture to add structure to your outfits. Its designs usually have a looser fit for optimal comfort.

Nowadays, it’s also incorporated by fashion brands in all sorts of creative ways into their beachwear collections because of its sustainability, which means that wearing it is always on trend.

To maximise your linen look, you can throw a button-down shirt over your bikini or mix and match it with other fabrics like denim or silk.

Beach accessories

  1. Pack For Active Beach Days

If your itinerary for a beach vacation includes activities like paddle boarding, beach volleyball, surfing, or any other water sport, make sure to pack some comfortable, active wear.

Opt for performance wear that’s anti-odour, moisture-wicking and breathable; something that you can easily brush the sand off of and won’t overheat you under the sun.

Typically, a pair of shorts or a sporty skirt to throw over your swimsuit should do the trick. A rash guard is also another useful piece of clothing to wear in the water because it can protect your delicate skin from the sun, abrasions, or any stinging sea creatures lurking around.

  1. Prioritise Convenience

If you’re the kind of vacationer who loves to squeeze every drop of fun out of a beach trip, a simple outfit consisting of a one-piece swimsuit, sun hat and a pair of flip-flops is probably the most practical choice.

It’s convenient enough to wear no matter what’s on your agenda, be it lounging on the sand, splashing in the water or joining a spontaneous volleyball game.

  1. Don’t Forget To Accessorise

Nothing elevates a beach outfit like spot-on accessories. Some on-trend examples include:

  • A wide-brim hat that gives you ample shade from the sun and adds a glamorous touch to your look.
  • A woven straw bag with gorgeous patterns or structures that can carry your beach essentials, complement your outfit’s colour scheme and carry a lot without adding extra weight.
  • Sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection for your eyes and spice up those Insta shots.
  • A comfortable pair of flip-flops with durable soles that can withstand sand, saltwater and long walks.

Spice Up Your Beach Style

With all those suggestions, you can surely now put together a few beach outfits that are practical, stylish and fun. However, don’t be afraid to mix and match, try new things and infuse your personal touch to make them truly yours. Also, remember that no matter how trendy something is, what’s most important is that you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in it.

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  1. Thank you Lynne for sharing the wonderful tips it will come in handy this summer. I Love vibrant colours already so am on the right track.

    • Nice tips, I have gained a lot of weight since giving birth, now I’m no longer comfortable with my body, at least a long dress will cover up

      • I love wearing long dresses, they are a lot more flattering to wear than most other clothing styles and it keeps me cool and comfortable!

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