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8 Essential Shoes For Every Woman’s Closet

Shoe shopping

Let’s face it, the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. They are the queen as far as accessories go. In many instances, they are equally important as the outfit. Shoes are a worthy investment, especially if you do it right.  You don’t have to own a …

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9 Tips To Buy Plus Size Clothing And Look Fantastic

beautiful plus size model

Gone are the days where plus sized ladies only have the option of wearing huge baggy clothing items, there are so many ways to be stylish and comfortable with amazing plus size clothing. If you are looking to buy plus size clothing online or instore, here are some excellent tips …

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4 Fashion Staples for Petite Women

Black dress

Everybody (quite literally, every body) is beautiful, but we don’t all look our best in the same styles and outfits. It’s fun to swap clothes with our gal pals—hello, the more closets, the merrier—but not every pair of jeans magically fits both you and your three best friends. We can’t all …

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The Importance Of Taking The Time To Dress Your Child

Kids in PJ's

Getting children dressed is something a lot of parents associate with stress, frustration and even tears. Something as simple as picking out girls cardigans and getting your child to wear them can be difficult, and it is even harder when you are in a rush. Taking your time to dress …

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5 Elegant Evening Dresses For Those Smart Evenings Out

Evening dress

Every woman should at least have one elegant evening gown in her closet for those smart evenings out which makes her feel like a beauty queen. Choosing the right fit, cut and colour according to your body type and complexion can make all the difference. This being said, for many …

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Things to Look For When Buying Kid’s Swimwear


When buying swimwear for their kids, people need to expand their thinking and go beyond print and styles. For instance, it is better to find some suit that can easily be taken on and off by the children to avoid wasting of time and effort. Parents should also consider having …

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The Short Denim Dress: A Woman’s Any-Occasion Outfit

Denim Dress

One of the most prevalent sources of stress for a lot of women, particularly working mothers, is decision fatigue. Every day, they deal with various demands for their time and energy from their partners, children, superiors and colleagues. It’s no wonder many of them consider being able to carve out …

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10 Things You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

Wedding Party

Being a guest at a wedding can be tricky. How much is appropriate to spend on a gift? Which side of the aisle do you sit on? If it’s out of town, who pays for the hotel room? You have enough things to worry about, but what you’re wearing shouldn’t …

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Tips To Make Your Baby Stylish

Baby wearing hat

Fashion adds beauty and charm, and aids in cultivating confidence in your little one. Babies and toddlers develop a sense of style and confidence from a very young age. They see adults around them dress up, and their wardrobe allows them to establish preferences. They show appreciation for certain colours …

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3 Gorgeous Long Maxi Dresses Every Woman Will Love

Long maxi dresses are a very popular fashion choice for women and it’s not hard to see why so many women choose them. Whether for casual wear at the beach or dressed up for a function they will always be a hit. ***Disclosure -The links in this post may contain affiliate …

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7 Common Not To Do’s Of Wearing Bras

Wearing bra

It is funny how so many women have a hard time figuring out bras. One would think that by now, pretty much every girl should have her bra game in the bag. Unfortunately, this is not the case. But you should not feel too bad about this, after all, bras …

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Tips On Matching Fashion For Couples

Love makes a person feel complete. It is a promise, responsibility, and life. Though felt and enjoyed at heart, love is expressed through gifts too. It is always lovely to dress up in harmonious with the partner. The couple – look moves to the next level, when one looks like …

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4 Tips To Help You Buy The Right Hoodie

Buying a new hoodie is always a great addition to your clothing collection. Hoodies are beautiful, fashionable and durable. With endless collections of hoodies, many buyers can feel a bit confused. You can understand a lot about hoodies types and styles. You can take a look at Coolhoodies.co Merch by …

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How To Go About Choosing The Perfect Prom Dress

Prom is the last main event school attendees take part in before the summer season. It is such a huge social occasion because it celebrates the school year drawing to a close and the forthcoming warmer weather. Most importantly, it’s a chance to dress up and show off your style. …

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Why Minimalism Is The New Wow Factor In Accessories

Fashion trends and designs are always in a state of change. Nothing ever remains constant. Colors, dimensions, cuts, designs, features, functionalities all keep changing with new trends. The present raging trend is increased attraction towards accessories that sport minimalist design trends. Sleek designs are finding more takers than ever before. …

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