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Cosmetic Benefits of Copper

Copper Fresh Masks - Cosmetic Benefits Of Copper

Copper boasts a ton of cosmetic benefits and is becoming well known as a useful skincare modality for anti-aging and skin longevity. From reducing wrinkles, healing wounds, and even preventing grey hairs, copper is taking over in the world of beauty. Copper improves antioxidants, promotes collagen, reduces fine lines and …

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Sleep And Your Brain

Woman asleep

The rise of smart watches has given people many benefits, the most interesting of which has been calculating sleep statistics, or should we say lack thereof! Globally 45 percent of the population suffer from sleep issues – the most common of which is lack of sleep. Sleep loss – particularly …

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#BreatheEasierSA This Winter With RespiClear® Decongestant Range

Respiclear Decongestant Range

#BreatheEasierSA This Winter with RespiClear® Decongestant Range. Winter is approaching, and South Africans can now breathe easier with the proudly South African and highly innovative RespiClear® decongestant range from OBEL®. The RespiClear® range boasts steroid-free Nebs, petroleum-free Vapour Rub (with the hygienic dispenser), and preservative-free Drops for inhalation. All products …

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