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The Psychology Of Winter Wellness: How Mindset Affects Colds And Flu

Winter is the season of colds and flu. But did you know your mindset can be a game-changer when it comes to staying healthy this time of year?

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The Psychology Of Winter Wellness: How Mindset Affects Colds And Flu

Boost Your Bright Side

The influence of a positive outlook on your winter wellness is truly remarkable. Positivity can serve as a potent booster for your immune system.1 This winter, consider embracing a cheerful attitude – it may very well become your shield against those seasonal bugs.

Stress Less, Stay Well

Stress is a well-known adversary of the immune system. Stress can diminish the body’s natural killer cells or lymphocytes, which are required to fight infections.2 The higher your stress levels, the weaker your immune defences become, rendering your body less effective in warding off illnesses. Combatting stress can be achieved by incorporating relaxation techniques into your winter routine, such as meditation, yoga, or indulgent bubble baths. These strategies not only help alleviate stress but also fortify your immune system, ensuring a healthier winter ahead.

The Social Connection

Winter’s cosy indoors can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation, and guess what? Loneliness isn’t just a mood-downer; it can weaken your immune system too, making you more vulnerable to infections.3 But here’s the bright side: you can fight back by staying socially connected, even if it’s in the virtual world. A lively chat with friends or a video call with family can do wonders for your mood and your immune system.

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How Panado® – The Ultimate Chill-Beating Pain Fighter – Can Help

Panado® is trusted4 by South African families to offer relief of pain and fever associated with headaches, toothache and colds and flu.

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Beat The Scratch And Soothe Sore Throats With Cepacol®

Cepacol®, renowned for its sore throat lozenges and hot medication, offers a range of solutions for cold and flu symptoms. Cold and flu symptoms? There’s a Cepacol® for that!

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Beat the Ache with Fast & Targeted Pain Relief From Compral®

Don’t let pain hold you back this, winter! Turn to Compral® for targeted8 and fast9 pain relief. Available in both tablet and powder form, Compral® Powder is ready to work in just 10 seconds.6

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Guard Your Immunity and Beat the Bugs ViralGuard

ViralGuard offers a unique formulation with essential ingredients like antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals, all known to support the immune system7.  The range includes delicious Fizzi chews, junior syrup, a throat spray and tablets.


Embrace the Winter Warrior within with the Adcock Ingram Range, featuring Panado®, Cepacol®, Compral®, and ViralGuard, available from Pick n Pay, Checkers including Hypers, Shoprite, Clicks, Dis-Chem, and Independent Pharmacies. For more information about Adcock Ingram Winter Warriors, visit  https://adcockwinterwarriors.co.za/.

Winter Warriors Range

For more information about Panado®, visit https://panado.co.za/ and join the conversations on Facebook. For more information about Cepacol®, visit www.cepacol.co.za and join the conversation on Facebook.  For more information about Compral®, www.compralpainrelief.co.za and join the conversation on Facebook. For more information about ViralGuard, https://viralguard.co.za/ and join the conversation on Facebook.

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For full prescribing information refer to the Professional Information approved by SAHPRA. Adcock Ingram Limited. Co. Reg. No.: 1949/034385/06. Private Bag X69, Bryanston, 2021, South Africa. Customer Care: 0860 ADCOCK / 232625. www.adcock.com. 2023121310329404. December 2023.

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