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What Causes The ‘Change Of Season’ Sniffles?

Change of season sniffles

As the seasons change, we can potentially experience unwelcomed ‘Change of Season’ sniffles, characterised by cold-like symptoms. The shift in temperatures provides an apt condition for different groups of viruses to flourish.1 Cepacol®, the brand known for its sore throat lozenges and hot medication, highlights why we get seasonal sniffles and the …

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Help Your Child Bounce Back From Winter Colds

Winter colds

While science has taught us never to underestimate the power of germs, sometimes these microscopic critters are simply too crafty, even for the most stringent germ detective. Is Winter To Blame For Childhood Colds? Welcome to winter – the season of snuggles, bear hugs, hot chocolate, colds, and flu! Of …

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Is Med-lemon Safe For Pregnancy And Breastfeeding?

Is Med-Lemon safe for pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy and breastfeeding, women are often cautious about medications they consume, seeking reassurance that the products they use are safe for both their health and the well-being of their unborn child or infant. Med-lemon, a popular over-the-counter medication known for its effectiveness in relieving symptoms of …

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