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SnapnSave Review – Get Cash Back On Your Everyday Purchases

I was recently introduced to the Snap and Save app and when I heard about it I knew immediately that I wanted to give it a go and if it worked well for me write a SnapnSave review – and clearly it’s working well because here is my review!

SnapnSave Review - Get Cash Back On Your Everyday Purchases

What Is SnapnSave?

is a coupon app that offers cash back on things that you buy every day – there are always new offers being added that you can book and once you have bought them you snap your till slip from any major retailer and get cash back. It is free and easy to use.

How To Use Snap and Save

Register With Snap and Save

Register on the SnapnSave website using your phone number and create a password. Make sure to sign up using my link – you will get an extra 5% back on all your offers!

Download The SnapnSave App

You can use the SnapnSave website but it’s much easier using the Snap and Save app, download it from Google Play or Apple.

Snapnsave cashback offers

Book Your Offers

Check the offers page on the app and click on “book” for the offers you want to book. If an offer is unavailable there is a “notify me” option to click.

There are always loads of fantastic offers available that change all the time so make sure to check in regularly. Offers can include money back on bread, milk, eggs, cleaning products, meat, nappies, baby bum cream, chocolate, and more!

Buy Your Products

Head off to the shop and buy the product offers you have booked.

Snap and Save snap till slip

Snap Your Till Slip

To snap your till slips click on “snap” in the app, then choose the store you have purchased your products from. You need to click all the offers you are claiming for that till slip then click on “upload my slip”. You can then take a photo of your slip or upload a photo of your till slip. Make sure that your slip is clear and includes the top and bottom of your slip. You can upload more than one photo if your slip is long.

SnapnSave wallet cash out

Cashing Out From Your SnapnSave Wallet

It takes up to 4 working days for till slips to be processed and approved before the money is available in your SnapnSave wallet. You can cash out to your bank account for the first time once you have R50 in your SnapnSave wallet, thereafter you can cash out from R25.

To cash out click on “wallet” and then click on “cash out”. If it is the first time you are cashing out you will need to enter your banking details.

Snap and Save pays out weekly on a Friday with cycles running from Thursdays to Wednesdays so make sure to cash out before Wednesday to get your payment in the same week.

My SnapnSave Review

I am honestly super impressed with SnapnSave and my only regret is that I was not aware of it sooner! The only small snag I encountered was struggling to get my OTP sent to me when I first signed up, but I contacted SnapnSave and they sent it to me via email. So if this happens to you too, pop them an email and they will sort it out for you.

I have been loving their services. I’ve found online coupon sites before, however ,every time I found something in the past it was for things that I don’t normally buy or even want.

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SnapnSave has regular new offers and I have saved money on things that I buy regularly such as bread, milk, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, toilet paper and more. I’ve also seen lots of offers for diapers, wet wipes, baby bum cream, gripe water and many more baby products.

As soon as I signed up I could snap any till slip and immediately get my first R5 into my SnapnSave wallet. On my first shop I was about to get R10 back on any chocolate for R8.99 or more – getting more cash back on that purchase than I spent!

Within a week of using it I had enough cash in my SnapnSave wallet to cash out. Adding my banking details was quick and easy, and so was the cash out process. It took 2 days for the amount to be paid into my bank account from the time I requested the cash out. I was so pleasantly surprised to get an email a few days after my withdrawal giving me another R5 into my wallet.

Please take note that there is a R2.50 fee deducted for every withdrawal to your bank account.

SnapnSave Extra R5



There is nothing not to like at SnapnSave and I am going to be saving up all my cash back amounts so that I can cash out when I have a large amount that I can put towards something nice for my family like a weekend away, or Christmas presents at the end of the year.

Here are a few things that I have learned over the last few weeks using SnapnSave:

  • If you see an offer for something you usually buy make sure to book it and buy it even if you don’t need it immediately – each offer expires has a limit on the amount of people that can take the offer. There have been a few occasions where I didn’t need something right then and I decided to leave it for my next shop only to find the offer was no longer available.
  • If you buy from Checkers60 rather go instore when you are booking SnapnSave offers – there have been a few times I have booked offers and ordered the right thing from Checkers60 only to be delivered a different brand due when it arrived so I could not claim the booked offer.
  • Check the pricing of other brands when you shop – there have been a few offers available for certain brands but when I looked at the other brands they were much cheaper so instead of saving I would have paid more in the end.
  • Make sure to check in every day and book offers when you see them – there are always new offers coming in and you don’t want to miss them.
  • Make sure to shop and snap your till slip within 48 hours of booking your offer.
  • Pay careful attention to the products on offer (product, brand, pack, size, and flavours) and the exact description – I booked an offer for cash back on any tray of eggs but I bought a box and it took me a while to figure out why I did not get that amount added to my wallet after snapping my till slip.
  • Although most of the offers are available for most major retailers there are some that are only available for specific retailers and some that are not available at certain retailers – this is clearly shown on the offers, make sure to shop at the right place to ensure you get your slips approved.
  • Hold onto your till slips until they have been approved! There have been a few occasions where my till slips were rejected. If you keep your slips you can resubmit them.
  • Snap 10 or more till slips in a month and get Super Snapper rewards!

Super Snapper

Become A Super Snapper

After writing and publishing my review I got an email from SnapnSave informing me that I am now a Super Snapper since I have now snapped 10 or more receipts in a month. I now have access to exclusive offers and oh my word am I impressed!

I just took a look this morning and there are incredible offers available to me now. Please take note that offers come and go, so the offers that I am going to mention below are available to me right now but they will expire and new offers will become available… but here are some of the offers that really excite me:

  • Get R8 back on any bath foam – and I LOVE my bubble baths so I’ve booked this already!
  • Get R7.50 back on any flowers – and hello! It’s Valentine’s Day – so tell your hubby if he buys you flowers he must keep the slip for you as an added gift.
  • Get R30 back on Pampers Premium Care diapers (various sizes on offer) – while I don’t have a baby this is an incredible offer, I remember how much diapers set me back each month, so if you are a Super Snapper go and check it out
  • Get R79 back on Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner
  • Get R75 back on Gillette Fusion 5 (handle and 2 cartridges)

I can see that I will make sure to always snap 10 or more till slips every month to make sure that I get the exclusive Super Snapper deals.

Snap and Save is legit and is a fantastic way to get cash back! Sign up here and get an extra 5% back on all your cash back offers with SnapnSave.

Get an extra 5% back from SnapnSave by signing up through this link - only valid for new signups!

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  1. I am addicted to snapsaver no receipt is useless anymore. I would love to win this top up for my account

    • I’m also loving it Takie, what a fantastic app! I’ve often looked for sites that offer coupons but never found anything that offers me discount on things that I actually buy anyway! So happy I found out about this and I just had to share it with everyone that doesn’t know about it. Good luck 🙂

      • Thanks for this competition. I absolutely love SnapnSave. I like saving my cashback for Christmas

      • So glad you are loving it Nalani! I am going to do the same, save for Christmas so we can breathe a little easier when it comes to finances!

      • Yoesraa Anthony

        Been using it for a while and I too am very impressed with their service they render. I get excited to keep my till slips these days and check the app daily

      • Lynne Huysamen

        I’m so with you! Absolutely love planning my shopping now 🙂

      • I love this I normally book before I go. And ask in-laws if they want anything from the shop to get the coupon but everytime we get home he has already threw the slip away and that makes me so angry. booking again today hoping he doesn’t throw away the receipt

      • Oh no Chantal, that really would upset me too! I also book before I shop so that I can plan my weekly shopping and meals around the cash back offers.

      • I would definitively try snapsave

      • You really must! I have made back R188.20 since 20 January 2022 and it was all on things I had to buy anyway!

  2. Wow! What an interesting app! I love watching extreme couponing and always wished SA had something similar, while this is not exactly how theirs works its certainly the closest thing I’ve seen to it! So looking forward to trying it out!

    • I’m sure you will love it Nequita, it is a great way to save money!

    • I am in love with Snapsave so weekly before I go shopping I view all that snap save has and getting cash back is really amazing .
      Been with Snapsave more that 1 year now and this week because of snap save I actually ate a chomp chocolate. Till slips #snapsave is the best within a few days of cashing out the money is in my account. Great review .

  3. I like SnapnSave! Though I am careful to not buy stuff just because I can get money off. I still buy what I like and what works out cheaper so I’m not under the top snappers.

    • I totally agree with you Linda – a few times I saw great offers but after checking the prices instore saw that the brand on offer was not the best price. However there are also some offers for brands that I really love and that I always buy even though they are not the cheapest. I’m also checking the offers before I plan my shopping and meals for the week and it has made me be more creative with my cooking instead of cooking the same old thing every week – I get into a rut when I am busy and tired so instead of trying to come up with new meal ideas I just do the same as the week before LOL. Now when I see something on offer before I do my planning it motivates me to do something different. My family are really happy about it 🙂

  4. I love SnapNSave
    It has been a lifesaver during my trying times

  5. One of the best cashback apps out there. Super easy to use and very convenient because even if you don’t book offers beforehand, you can always do it when you come back from the store

  6. Mishqah Stoffels

    Oh my! How I love SnapnSave.
    This app is user friendly and so rewarding. Love love love!

  7. I am also loving it, you get to save on most basic products and get cash back as well. I have been using last year during Covid-19.

  8. It’s such a good app so far I’m happy with it.l haven’t withdrawn yet.l wish to win 500r top up to my account ,fingers crossed

    • I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying it Lisa, I cashed out once only to test it and now I am going to let my savings build up.

    • I have already registered on this app but never used it. I’m going to start using it from now on!!! Thanks

      • You must start using it Natasha, it is really fantastic! I’m sure this is going to be a fantastic way to stash some savings away for one of those days when I really need it!

  9. I love snapnsave, I’ve had it for a few years now. Referred lots of my friends to the app. I’ve cashed out many times and it was always successful.

    • So happy to hear it is working well for you too Shireen! I wish I had known about it sooner, I could have saved so much but hey better late than never right?

  10. Im loving snap n save I had it over a year but didnt seem to get much luck. I have now downloaded again since Jan and following your tips its all good so far thank you Lynne

  11. SnapnSave App gives back to me with every till slip i scan never miss a till slip

  12. SnapnSave is great. All those little bits eventually add up and its also alot of fun 🙂

    • I’m so with you Lynn! I’m finding it so much more fun to plan my shopping trying to get great savings along the way!

  13. I have just started using it and can’t wait to see how much I can save..Its great to plan and get awesome savings along the way.

    • Yes it really is fantastic and today I became a Super Snapper and received access to even more incredible offers, so happy! Enjoy snapping Raldene 🙂

  14. SnapnSave is so good. It really helps when it gets to the end of the month and you can cash out a little bit to help with shopping. Trying to get more people to join so I am glad you have done this review

    • I’m glad to hear you are loving it too Robyn! And yes every mommy needs this to have that extra bit of money 🙂

      • Snap and save is really doing wonders saw the 100r cash back from buying Pampers and wow its really a big save
        Love it so much
        It’s a great way of encouraging saving

      • Lynne Huysamen

        Yes that R100 cash back on Pampers is fantastic! I would have loved that when my kids were in diapers!

  15. Martie Van Vledder

    Will be cashing out my snap and save to buy party snacks for my son’s birthday next week. Really help syou save while buying the stuff we daily need and ist so many different brands.

    • That’s awesome, yes it will be a life-saver for those months when we have extra expenses such as Christmas and birthdays!

  16. Thank you for the great article. I used SnapnSave a few years back; and it worked so well. Somewhere along the line, I stopped using it… but after this article I am downloading the app again. Can’t wait to get snappin’ again! 🙂

    • Oh you must! It is such a fantastic app – I just wish I found out about it a few years back, the savings I would have made!

  17. Thanks for this opportunity

  18. Thank you for the article! I have been using SnapnSave for about a year now, I love that it’s like a loyalty card without even having to swipe or carry extra cards (no disrespect to loyalty cards, but can’t we have 1 card for everything?!).

    I love your idea of cashing out for Christmas presents, my problem is that I usually prefer a certain brand to what is on the app, but I will try to keep an open mind and try other brands so that I can earn more Cashback.

    • I’m so with you Roxanne – my wallet is crammed full of loyalty cards and it really is a pain! I like the fact I have my Clicks rewards on the app only, but then I still have to pull out my phone at the till. There are times when I am loyal to a specific brand for certain products but there are plenty that I am not so I stick to certain brands sometimes and lose out on some points.

  19. Hi just started on the app after hearing about it from you….. Hope I can save money. Every cent counts….
    I would really love to win this it will help us out alot

  20. Ive used this app before but lost interest in it cause i dont always save my receipts. will start doing this more often

  21. Im so addicted i check daily on the App #Snap & save

  22. Snapnsave is a great app and it gives back always.

  23. I truly am excited about this! I have downloaded the app and started its going a bit slow because not everything I buy is on the cash back list but im trying and I have R25 so far so fingers crossed. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    • I’m glad you are enjoying it Naomi! Try and snap 10 till slips in the month and then you will become a Super Snapper – you get a lot more cash back when you become a Super Snapper. Just last week I got R75 on my weekly shop that came to about R1000.

  24. Game changer!!! It’s amazing how quickly the bits add up. I myself wasn’t interested in the app initially as a rand here and there didn’t seem like a lot. But with the monthly groceries and the snap n save specials here and there, the cash back is amazing.

    • Yes it is bits and pieces but they do add up and last week I did a shop where I got R75 back on my weekly shop – I spent about R1000 in total so it was close on 10% cash back on that shop. That is a great saving 🙂

  25. I hear about but never thought it’s that great, your post tells me slot and I’m definitely going to download it thank you Lynne love the rewards save alot too

  26. Danette Sevenster

    I love SnapnSave! Have been using it for a while and cannot under3why everyone isn’t using it!

  27. Lois Carol Wessels

    Will be trying it out sooooon! thank you for the info!

  28. This sounds amazing I will do anything where I can save it’s such a help in my pocket will definitely download, thank you

  29. SnapSave is definitely something that my wife and I will make use of.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      You will love it! Even my kids check the app and try find treats and then convince me to buy them LOL.

  30. I’ve seen a few negative reviews of snapnsave. Is it really as good as it appears to be? I’ve been burned before so I’m being very wary about it.

  31. I’ve only just discovered SnapnSave and in a matter of less than 2 weeks I have R32 in my wallet. I am so impressed and wish I had tried this sooner.

    • I’m so glad you are enjoying SnapnSave too! I love it. Look out for specials on toiletries and then see if you can buy them at Clicks for 3 for 2 specials. I ‘ve done that a number of times with Pantene offers and saved so much!

  32. I used to love SnapnSave, I had few payouts over the years, which was awesome!! They are however struggling to make payouts currently 🙁 I’ve Been waiting for R450 payout for a month now. If I follow up, they just say that due to high pay out volumes, they will process payouts in batches over the next week. In the last 4 weeks I got that message twice. Have you been struggling with a payout before?

    • I haven’t requested a payout for a while, I’ve been saving up my cash back for something. I have heard though that they have had some difficulties with payouts recently and spoke to them about it, they said that payouts are coming out now, so hopefully the issue has been resolved. I hope you get your payout soon!

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