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6 Excellent Gift Ideas For Your 4 Year Old

At 4 years old your little child is going to be developing at a rapid pace and learning new things every day. She will be exploring and learning how to express her emotions and starting to control her temper tantrums. Her imaginary play will come into action at this age and she will be able to distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy.

At this age your 4 year old is also becoming aware of gender and will probably be want to play gender-based games and role-playing.

4 years old is a wonderful age for children and play is a vital part of their development. Choosing gifts for 4 year olds can be great fun and choosing the right toy can not only bring your child great joy but also aid her development.

6 Excellent Gifts Ideas For Your 4 Year Old

A Doll House

Most little children, both boys and girls, love playing with dolls and playing house . Getting your little child dollhouse toy is sure to make her very happy as well as provide her with endless opportunities for role-play.

Playing with a doll house will boost you child’s creativity and imagination. It also sets the stage for learning life skills, problem solving and organization skills. It will also help to develop your child’s motor skills as well as vocabulary skills.

Choosing doll house toys for 4 year old girls and boys is a great choice of gift that will be well loved and well used.

Girl and dad playing with doll house

A Sand and Water Table

Sensory play is so important at this age and we all know how much kids enjoy playing with water and sand. Water and sand is widely used in early education and there is a good reason for this. Messy play is essential for young kids and a sand and water table certainly fits this description.

Sand and Water Tables help children to develop co-ordination through developing their hand. It will also help to develop cognitive skills, mathematics and how to weigh and balance things.

A sand and water table is an outdoor toy which is always great for your children. Outdoor play is not just fun, it is also good for your children.

Play Tea Set Or Picnic Set

You will be hard pressed finding a 4 year old girl that doesn’t like setting up a tea party or picnic! Pretend play is huge at this age and it is a great way for your little girl to practice her social skills, verbal skills and general etiquette.

Chances are high that she will get all her other toys to take part in the tea parties too!

Kids Play Tent

Kids love to have their own little private space to play in and a play tent will provide the perfect place for them. You can get them in loads of different styles from  princess tent, to a teepee and even one that looks like a real miniature house.

A tent will also provide the perfect setting for imaginative play – you can also team this up with a tea set to add extra fun and games.

Kids Art Set

Find an art set that has loads of different color pens, pencils and paints, pair it up with some paper and coloring books and your little girl will be over the moon.

This is the perfect age for kids to start exploring their creative side and start to create meaningful art rather than just creating scribbles. You can also add in some activity books and perhaps some paint/ color by numbers.

Coloring has so many benefits for children that simply can’t be ignored. Along with helping to develop your child’s fine motor skills it will also help to boost your child’s self confidence.

Mastering how to hold a pencil and how to stay in the lines will help your child develop the right skills for writing and doing school work in the future.

4 Year old boy riding bike


If your child doesn’t have a bicycle yet and you need to get your 4 year old a gift this will be the perfect time. A bicycle will encourage your child to be active and spend time outdoors which is very healthy and beneficial for your child.

Learning to ride a bike will take a little bit of practice but once your child has mastered it she will be well on her way. Riding a bike will teach your child balance and coordination skills as well as teach your child responsibility when it comes to road safety and also taking care of her bicycle.

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  1. Thanks @lynne

    Being a mother to a four-year old isn’t the easiest in the world, let alone thinking of presents to get him, when it comes to picking out stuff for him I always want what is best for him. My son is a typically boy, simple car sets are sufficient to excite him, but I always look for things that can fascinate and educate him more rather than a toy which will make him happy for the moment.
    My son isn’t a demanding child he is happy with any gift he receives. But it is for us parents to start getting our kids from young ages things that they can learn from.
    I feel it is a complete waste of money to buy my son a set of cars or bikes as he plays with them for a day or two until the novelty wears off and then he forgets about them.

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