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10 Best Infant Teething Products

As any mother with a teething baby will tell you, the teething process is no joke. Some babies teeth relatively easily while other babies struggle the whole way through making it van incredibly hard time for mommy and baby. When babies are teething they can be niggly and irritable, their sleep can be disturbed, they may struggle to eat and they may be in pain and have inflammation.

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There are however lots of infant teething products on the market to help make it easier for your baby.

10 Best Infant Teething Products

Natural Baby Teething Relief Oil by Alternakids with Silicone Feeder Pacifier

This gentle and natural teething relief oil is made from botanical oils, herbal extracts and Vitamin . It helps to alleviate the pain, inflammation and swelling that occurs when a baby is teething.

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

This cute little baby banana infant training toothbrush and teether is dishwasher and freezer safe. The handle is easy to use for little fingers and the soft bristles are better for a baby’s mouth than a hard toothbrush. The thick bristles on this toothbrush teether is perfect for massaging sore teething gums.

Boiron Camilia Baby Teething Relief

These homeopathic teething drops help to relieve the symptoms of teething, including irritability and painful gums, as well as help to remedy minor digestion difficulty that is sometimes associated with teething.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace – Cognac 

Baltic amber teething necklaces come with many amazing benefits and can help to relieve the pain and inflammation due to teething, as well as to improve your baby’s overall immune system.

Baby Bandana Drool Bib and Teething Toy 

These super absorbent bibs are perfect for teething babies that are drooling. The bib will soak up all the drool and baby can chew on the teething toy. One big bonus with this product is you won’t have baby continuously dropping his teething toy on the floor giving you extra things to clean and sanitize.

Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier

This baby fruit feeder can hold fresh foods, frozen foods and medicine. It has multiple uses, from soothing your baby and getting your baby to take in some food, as well as soothing sore and tender gums from teething.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Toys 

This set of BPA free ice gel teething toys helps to soothe a baby’s gums while assisting with the eruption of teeth. It has easy grip features making it easy for your baby to hold, helping your baby with coordination as well as providing relief from teething symptoms.

Punkin Butt Teething Oil 

This Punkin Butt teething oil is made 100% safe and natural ingredients. It is produced from organic herbs that are infused into organic carrier oils, along with a small amount of essential oils to create a soothing teething remedy that you rub onto your baby’s gums.

Manhattan Toy Wrinkle Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

This rattle and tubes teething toy is fascinating to babies to play with as well as providing teething relief and promoting two-handed play.

Munch Mitt Teething Mitten

This super useful teething mitten was invented by a mom. Teething babies will always put their hands in their mouth and chew on their fingers. Now your baby’s hands will be protected while providing  and a great surface for your baby to teeth on. This is perfect for very young babies that will struggle to hold onto a teether toy.

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  1. Elize Swanepoel

    Thanks for these great tips!

    Teething can be really difficult for babies. Thankfully JD have most of his teeth now and the majority of them came out without any major problems.

    Only once did he have very high fever (up to 45 degrees one night) where we had a major scare. I didn’t know what the cause was until his doctor confirmed it was teething.

    I thing the Baltic amber necklace that I bought made all the difference. JD started drooling as early as four months although he only got his first teeth round about when he was a year old. I couldn’t keep up with keeping his bibs clean.

    But as soon as he got the necklace and the beads started doing their magic, I never had the need for a bib again.

    Teething powder and teejel didn’t help at all.

    Prodol is not a bad product. It numbs the painful gums but it only lasts for a while though.

    I kept some teethers in the fridge which also assisted.

    The Boiron Camilia drops and punkin butt teething oil sounds like really great products. I kind of like the name of the second one. 🙂

    Teething is not for sissies and always feel sorry for those little babies that drools and bites on everything. It is so uncomfortable. To be honest I had no idea what the cute little necklaces were that I saw babies wearing until I read an article about the Baltic amber bead necklaces. It wasn’t a fashion statement. They really do work.

  2. Teething is the first difficult stage in parenting. For me I have to admit that I was so happy about the progress that I had made with my new born and with setting routines, until it all went out the window once he started teething.
    From a happy baby to a grumpy one, and it feels like eternity till the teething phases out.

    What worked with my little one was Biltong, the wors sticks which is more rubbery than sharp so it never hurt his gums.

    The ideas in this article are really helpful.
    I shall pass on these tips to my pregnant friends I am certain it will be handy for them in the near future.

  3. Teething can be very painful my son gave me a tough time coz by that time i didn’t know much about baby stuff, but a friend told me about Gel Teether Toy it was very helpful.

    • Comfort I know what you mean! I am so grateful that those teething days are long gone for our family. Those nights of screaming babies that are struggling with teething are so hard. I also found Gel Teething Toys incredibly helpful. Anything that could sooth my baby without medicating was a winner!

  4. Thanks for these great tips but for all my 3 kids I use the amber necklace it really did help

  5. Thank you so much for these great tips. For my daughter we used teether toys, her teething was relatively calm and not a big issue. My son is 6 months old now and I see he is starting to teeth as well thank you. Its an informative read

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