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10 Simple Ways to Relax for Busy Parents

It’s no secret that being around your children all day can be quite exhausting. This is especially true for stay-at-home moms who don’t get a break from this daily duty.

When you’re chasing after your kids every day, you typically don’t have more than a few minutes to yourself, and you’re lucky to have that. Plus, we all know that if your kids are quiet for any amount of time, they’re usually up to something that’s likely going to cause you a headache.

While being a parent is very rewarding and most of us wouldn’t trade it for the world, at times it can also be extremely hard to relax. However, you don’t have to end each day completely exhausted.

If you follow just a few simple tips throughout the day, you can feel refreshed and calm no matter how busy you get or out of control your kids may be.

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10 Simple Ways To Relax for Busy Parents

Tone Down the Background Noise

Having a lot of unnecessary background noise can make your already high-stress levels skyrocket even higher. If you have your television or a radio playing, consider turning them down or off for a few hours. You’ll be surprised at how turning these background noises down can help you clear your mind and relieve any aggravation. 

Take a Few Minutes to Meditate

Meditating once a day can have several health benefits including clearing your mind and helping your focus. When you feel like you can’t take anymore, put yourself in timeout. If you can, go outside or go to a quiet space and sit down. Even a short five-minute meditation break can work wonders to settle your nerves.


Stop and Take Three Deep Breaths
When you think you can’t take anymore, stop and take three deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This is a great relaxation technique if you only have a few seconds instead of a few minutes to meditate. When you do this exercise, focus solely on your breathing. It will help you reset your mind and body.

Relax in a Hot Bath or Shower
Try to carve out time at least once per week to relax in a hot bath or shower. This block of alone time can be invaluable and really rejuvenate you. Also, the hot water can relax and soothe any tired or aching muscles. To make this time even more relaxing, consider installing a rain shower head in your bath. Trusty Joe has some great recommendations. It’s a simple job and takes only about 10 minutes to swap out your hold shower nozzle. And it’s one of the easiest ways to make your home bathroom feel like a spa.

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Get an Exercise Routine
The last thing a busy parent wants to do is set up an exercise routine. However, a simple five or 10-minute exercise routine once a day can really help to boost your energy levels. You can incorporate simple stretching or a relaxing yoga routine to improve your mood. This will get your blood circulating as well. If you can’t squeeze a short routine in to focus on yourself, try to at least take the kids outside and go for a quick walk. Going to the park or just cruising around your neighborhood will help you get the exercise you need while letting your children burn off some energy.

Have a Meal Plan
One of the major stress points for stay-at-home moms is trying to plan and cook a nutritious meal that your family will enjoy. Instead of trying to fit this task in every night, take one day per week to set up a weekly meal plan. You can simplify the process even more by scheduling at least one to two crock pot meals during the week. Doing this will allow you to toss all the ingredients into the post when you wake up in the morning. This meal will then cook all day and be ready for your family by the time dinner comes around without you having to do a thing.

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Call a Family Member or Friend
Sometimes you just need to get things off your chest and a short venting session can do wonders for your stress levels. Make a short list of family or friends who you can call to have a quick conversation with during the day or at night after the kids go to bed. If you have friends with their own kids, they’ll definitely be able to lend a sympathetic ear.

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee or Tea
Sitting down and enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee or tea can be an excellent way to relax. We’re talking about hot coffee, not reheated in the microwave coffee. If you don’t already own a cheap espresso machine, you may want to consider buying one. Espresso tastes much better than coffee and is actually quite easy to brew if you have the right machine. You can see reviews of affordable espresso makers at TrustyJoe.com/reviews. Regardless if you buy one or not, try to get up 15 to 20 minutes earlier than everyone else each morning. This will give you time to page through a magazine or book while you enjoy your hot beverage without any interruptions.

Use Essential Oils
Essential oils are an excellent way to relax by using aromatherapy. You can make a simple room spray by diluting a few drops of lavender essential oil into two cups of water. Put it in a spray bottle and spritz it around your living areas. Lavender is also a natural anti-depressant. You can also add a few drops of this essential oil to your bathwater or in the shower, and it works great during a bedtime routine for your little ones.

Set Boundaries
Stay-at-home mothers are often expected to do everything around the home. They’re expected to keep a tidy house, take care of the kids, have dinner ready, and help with any projects or school activities. This can be a lot to handle for one person, so set boundaries. It’s okay to opt out of volunteering for that next trip or class project. Be firm and clear without being rude when you decline something. You don’t have to do everything for everybody all the time.

We hope you enjoyed these simple stress relieving tips and encourage you to take advantage of at least a few of these ideas starting this week. The key is to make it a priority to focus on your own well-being and needs no matter how hectic the day may be at home. If you start small and incorporate one or two of these tips into your daily routine, you’ll find it much easier to add more in over time. These relaxation methods can really help you lower your stress levels and give you that extra boost you need to make the most of the time you have with your children.

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