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Find Out Why Newborns Smell Special

The joy of the arrival of a new baby with the parents does not match any other joy, especially if the newborn is the first. The whole house will be overwhelmed with his cuteness, the sounds he makes, and of course the unique scent he has. So, if you ever feel an overwhelming desire to put your nose on the newborn baby and take a deep and long breath to smell his scent, we understand you completely.

This lovely smell of newborn babies is considered one of the most wonderful scents in the world. It’s attractive to the point that a perfume manufacturer recently issued it in the name of the New Baby: light, bright, and unique fragrance. Also, most cosmetics always use the term “baby fresh” to describe the scent of the light fragrance and drive to pleasure.

Find Out Why Newborns Smell Special

What Exactly Causes This Unique And Special Smell?

According to the experts, one theory indicates that this smell comes from chemicals secreted by the baby’s sweat glands. However, this special smell does not last for more than a few weeks. It may be the result of the newborn’s metabolism, which changes when the infant starts to drink more milk and get used to the new components of it.

Many people like the special smell of newborns, because it is often attractive. It produces a mix of feelings, the most important of which are joy and love. This smell of a newborn baby is distinctive and attracts every woman, whether it is her child or another woman’s child.

Why Do Mothers Fall In Love With The Newborn Baby Smell?

A study published in the “Frontier Journal” conducted by Dr. Johannes Frasnelli at the University of Montreal has proven that this smell has an effect on the mother’s brain just like the effect of drugs on the brain of addicts. The researchers observed the brain activity of 30 women, 15 of whom had recently given birth and 15 had never given birth. They were able to get the smell of the clothes worn by the babies, which could last up to two days. Both groups had high activity in a part of their brain, which is often stimulated when someone is rewarded with something or when they have delicious food, which confirmed that the children’s smell is intoxicating.

So getting used to it makes you want to spend more time around the newborn baby and sleep beside him to satisfy this desire. because this smell contains Frontiers in Psychology that directly affects the pleasure centers in the brain.

Newborn smell

Newborn Baby Smell Makes Mom Feels Good:

The scent seems to be more familiar among women than among men, and it starts like this: women gather around a mother with her newborn baby usually, and then they begin to utter expressions of affliction and admiration such as: “How sweet is this girl,” then the conversation goes into: “I want to pinch those sweet cheeks”. And then the special magic sentence begins, “My God, I can’t resist, I want to eat this baby.”

The mother of the baby, who risks her life to protect her baby, accepts these phrases as a compliment, as if she says to herself, “I also like to eat my baby, but I cannot say that in front of anyone”.

As per the mentioned study, women who smelled a baby’s smell actually felt as if she was consuming a delicious breakfast or as a drug addict. Which makes it irresistible and one cannot get enough from smelling it – or even talk about it.

Besides, experts from the Department of Neuroscience in Stockholm discovered that the smell of a child has positive properties on the mother in particular. As it has been proven that the smell of the child has the ability to greatly improve the mood of the mother and make her feel happy, which thus contributes to improving her mental health.

Does The Infant Distinguish His Mother From Her Smell?

The answer is Yes! Babies begin to recognize the mother’s voice and smell immediately after birth, while it takes several weeks to distinguish her image from among all. In the first days of your baby’s life, your scent begins to be recognized and distinguished from the smell of anyone else, and breastfeeding has a big role in that, as your little one can distinguish from the third day the smell of your breast milk from any other milk.

New mom cradling baby

Benefits of mom’s smell for the newborn baby:

Some researchers conducted a study on a group Of newborn babies, and put each one of them in a separate room, they found that the infant calms down when a piece of his mother’s clothes is placed next to him, while he does not stop crying when a piece of another woman’s clothes is placed next to him.

Besides calming the babies down, many studies and scientific research have indicated the health benefits of the scent of the mother and the fetus being exchanged between them. This gives the feeling of happiness and safety, especially when embracing each other, and that starts from the first moment of birth.

Also, the mother’s scent helps in the growth of the child’s mind and the nervous system that is located below the brain. Plus, it helps in training him to face life’s difficulties and feel safe, especially when embracing the mother, as she also feels happy and safe the more she embraces him.


As a mother of two bouncing kids, I can say that smelling my babies’ scent makes me feel grateful all the time. Even when they don’t smell as good as coming out of the bath! Every baby has his own special scent that only his mother can remember forever.

The smell of your newborn baby doesn’t last forever. Enjoy every single moment with him and take advantage of the lovely feelings you feel when he is so little. They grow up so fast, just like a blink of an eye! Make sure to get the best out of these days.

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