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How To Stop Back Talk From Your Child

Cheeky girl

Many parents face this challenge. Backtalk may be annoying and sometimes maddening, but it is a commonplace symptom of gaining independence and growing up. Kids of all ages have a formidable sense of individual power on an emotional level. As soon as they can’t get it because they are commanded …

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7 Tips To Wean Baby Off Night Feedings

Sleeping Baby at 6 Months

Many parents may wonder when the best time is to wean baby off night feedings. Babies start developing well after six months. At this age they start getting sufficient nutrition from milk and solid foods during the day for healthy development and growth.  However, if you feel comfortable to continue …

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The Savvy Woman’s Prenup Package


LAUNCHED for the month of love: The Savvy Woman’s Prenup Package: buy a prenup and get a free your divorce, if you end up needing one. A prenup involves planning ahead – for things you can predict, and things you can’t. DIYLegal, the SA company that makes it as easy as …

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Lost In Communication: How To Connect Different Generations

Different Generations

The theory of generations has been a hot topic in recent years, widely spread by marketing consultants and journalists in the global media – there are more than 700 million results in Google search for the so-called ‘generation gap’. Some surveys touch upon the evidence of generational differences, while others show the similarities of …

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How To Cope With Matric Results

Coping With Matric Results

The release of matric results is typically a high stakes time for many students and their parents, but pandemic disruptions throughout 2020 are adding extra angst. This week, the anticipation will be over, but getting these final school marks in black and white can spiral some young South Africans, and …

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My 10 Favourite 4AKid Baby Products

Mother baby products

One of my favourite online stores for buying things for baby is 4AKid – they offer so many things that will make your life as a mom so much easier, as well as fantastic products to keep your kids safe. They have an amazing range of products, so I highly …

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All The Things You Will Need Newborn Baby

Newborn with eyes closed

Bringing a newborn home after delivery can be a daunting experience during those first few weeks. It takes a while to adjust to your new routine amidst nappy changes, feeds, and sleep deprivation. Before we share things you will need newborn baby checklist, here are five things you can do …

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