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9 Tips To Wean Baby Off Pacifier

This could be a tricky one for many parents. Just like anything else that goes along with parenthood, it requires patience and effort. Children usually let go of something or reach a new milestone when they are ready. But in some cases, you have to give them a little nudge.

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9 Tips To Wean Baby Off Pacifier

9 Tips To Wean Baby Off Pacifier.

Choose The Right Moment

Try not to do this during a stressful time, for instance when you are moving into a new home, or he is starting day care for the first time. Children use pacifiers as a soothing aid, and it is not ideal to take it away when they are dealing with challenging situations.

Start Limiting Its Use

It helps to start restricting use during daytime at first. Give it to him only when it is naptime or bedtime. Then you can move towards only using it during night-time only. To take it away completely it helps to create a new bedtime routine. Try giving him a bath, followed by reading a story, and singing him to sleep.

Replace It With Another Transitional Item

These are usually known as security items like a blankie or stuffed animal. It must be something that helps your little one self-soothe during the night.

Avoid Using A Pacifier As The First Line Of Defense

There might be various reasons why your baby is crying. It is best to avoid caving in and giving him a pacifier to help calm him down. First check for any hunger cues or if he needs a nappy change. Soothe him by holding him, reading to him, rocking him, or playing soft music. Use things like activities or toys as a distraction.

Give Praise When He Opts For Not Using His Pacifier

Make sure how proud you are of him if he chooses not to use his dummy. You can also offer fun rewards like stamps, his favorite snack, or stickers.

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Avoid Punishment

Try to keep the exercise positive by not using any negative reinforcement when he resorts back to his pacifier. This will only instil feelings of distrust, fear, or stress which often results in regression.

Make The Pacifier Off Putting 

Some parents dip the dummy in lemon juice or vinegar to make it taste bad. They often spit it out and do not want to use it again.

Steer Clear From Certain Methods

Avoid piercing or cutting off the tip of the dummy because it could become a choking hazard. Rather tell him that his dummy broke and let him throw it away.

Make It A Special Farewell Ceremony

When he is finally ready to let go of the pacifier for good, make a big deal out of it by celebrating the occasion. This is especially effective for older children. Take him shopping and reward him with a new toy. Then let him “pay” for the toy with his dummy. 


Babies and toddlers do not respond well to change and its always best to be patient and introduce them to something new or take away something that soothes them gradually or at a time when they feel ready. Be sure to implement these nine tips to wean baby off pacifier. 

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  1. Great tips wish I had these tips when I had the problem to stop my son from the dummy it was a big hassle. I had to speak to an old man in my street he was so kind to take the dummy away and what he did next even shocked me he put it in his mouth from that day my son refused to take it back… Bless that old man he was my life saver…

  2. Lizel de la Querra

    We struggled to get my daughter to leave her dummy. Then while camping we came up with the story that “die bruin kat” needs it for her babies. The background to “Die Bruin Kat” is that there was a wild cat near to where we were camping. And that is how we came up with the story. The next day my daughter gave all her dummies for the babies.

  3. I must admit it is a bit of a struggle at the moment. My daughter is only using a dummy at night. We have tried a few things. She will in the morning say we should give the dummy to the puppy. As soon as nightime rolls around, she cries for it. I will have to try the tips in this article. Thank you 🙂

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