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Hasbro Reveals Exciting Great Gifts Suggestions for 2020

The festive holiday season is almost upon us, this year unwrap the magic of the season with an exciting range of great gifts brought to you by global play and entertainment company, Hasbro, who is committed to creating the world’s best play and entertainment experiences.   With a wide selection …

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Introducing The Ultimate In Nerf Dart Blasting

The future of NERF is here! Hasbro is revolutionising the blasting experience with the launch of the new NERF Ultra, an unprecedented new blaster segment joining the iconic franchise.   Experience NERF Ultra blasters – the ultimate in NERF dart blasting! Featuring cutting edge technology and enhanced performance, NERF Ultra is …

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4 Fantastic Educational Toys For 5 Year Olds

5 Year old blonde girl

Educational toys for 5 year olds are so important – from the moment your baby exits the womb they start learning new things. As a parent or carer, we fulfill the role of helping a child to develop all kinds of skills. Children learn through observation, interaction and of course …

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4 Best Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds

One Year Old

From the day that a child is born, he or she is continually learning. They learn through using their senses how to observe and play. Even from early development a child’s mind is expanding just by taking in their environment and surroundings. Toys such as mobiles, infant play gyms and …

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Toys Which Have Shaped The Past and Future

Kids and toys are inseparable. Regardless of the age and gender of a kid, there will always be a toy which they will grow up and have fond memories with. This toy will be played with most often, even to the point where the kid will actually take it to …

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5 Toys That Will Bring Out Your Child’s Creativity

Girl playdough

Creativity is a very important quality and one that can be polished. In today’s world, creativity is highly important in the business field. With an ever increasing competition, companies constantly need to come up with new ideas. Being creative means that you can think outside the box, you can easily …

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Buying Tips for Baby Girl Toys: Things to Think About

Little Girl Playing With Purple Toy

Newborn baby girls are so lovely to look at, especially when you see them sleeping in their newly-decorated room full of pillows and blankets all around their beds. Maybe not surprisingly, they will grow quickly and the time will pass where you will just be able to watch them sleep …

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8 Fun Sensory Toys For Kids

Child Playing With Sand

There is a great selection available on the market today for fun sensory toys for kids. But why is it a good idea to provide your young child with these toys and what should we as parents be looking at when buying them? Sensory toys focus on all the important …

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The Evolution of Toys

Teddy Bear in a suitcase

Toys have existed for centuries but were very different to what children have available to play with today. Early toys were rather basic and left much to the imagination where modern toys cover the entire spectrum. For example, only in recent years – thanks to the internet – you can …

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7 Hot New Toys for Kids

Hot new toys for kids

Our kids are getting smarter and more creative every year so their toys need to develop along with them. The list of hot new toys for this year looks much different than it would if we were creating this list back in the 90’s or even early 2000’s. Children are …

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Tiring Toys?

Tiring Toys

The things we buy our children because parenthood just isn’t exhausting enough. This post was inspired by a woman I vaguely know on Facebook. She posted in one of the mommy groups that she’s looking for one of those rubber floor mat puzzles for her son. My first thought was, …

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