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Wise Packing: Best Travel Toys for Keeping Kids Entertained!

Have you ever had a trip to Portugal with your 2-year-old kid? How easy was it? It may take long hours and you will survive only if you have a bag of toys with you. Of course, Zit autos in Portugal give you maximum comfort on the go. But that magic toy bag will give you much more comfort and some time for relaxation. Why don’t you focus on the road? The mix of modern gadgets and travel toys will do wonders for keeping kids entertained!


If you want to find the best travel toys for your kids, they must be lightweight, easily packed and carry. Of course, the toys must be interesting for your young passengers. Do you want to hear our list? Here are some suggestions you may note!

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Best Travel Toys To Keep Kids Entertained

  1. Coloring books and markers

The kids like coloring. When they are about 2 they are ready to spend much time coloring and painting. This is the right time to buy coloring books and a pack of markers. If you don’t want the books and papers get messy quickly, you can buy Crayola pads and markers. This is a special drawing pad where you can color and clean with the help of special pens and markers. It’s up to you! The set of drawing facilities will cost you about $10-15.

  1. Magneto puzzles

Magnetic puzzles can be like an emergency kit. That’s a really good thing! You can buy them at any supermarket or special kids’ store. Choose the thematic. You can buy animal pictures, fruits, vegetables, cars, anything your kids like matching. Of course, it takes not much time while kids are solving the puzzle. So, try to discuss what they are doing and what animals they like.

  1. Book collection

Books are always better than toys. It can be the best of your travel gadgets. That’s great if your kids like reading books. But it’s not a problem if they can’t. Let them turn the pages and see the pictures. And don’t even try to take e-books! Electronic books are good for adult kids, not young toddlers. Just make a collection of the brightest books your kid like the most and add a couple of new exemplars. It doesn’t take you much money if you buy books online.

  1. Stickers

Kids always like playing with stickers. How? This is the easiest way to develop their imagination. Kids can be very creative when trying to peel different stickers off every surface in your car. That’s why it can be very helpful to have a special picture book for peeling stickers. Also, there is a plastic book for stickers where you can stick and move it onto the different scenes. Of course, such a book needs a special sticker pack.

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  1. Dressy dolls

Do you still think that dolls are for girls only? You are wrong. Kids up to 2 years old like interactive toys they can push, stretch, turn, and bite. These toys are really good for developing better coordination and motor skills. This doll can be your kid’s favorite travel toy! This doll provides a million of different activities. It is good for both boys and girls. It is safe so that your kids can’t really damage it or damage your head or car window when throwing it over the car.

  1. Moving puzzles

You already know about the unlimited opportunities of magnetic puzzles. Now it’s time to talk about so-called moving puzzles. Actually, they are also sorts of magnetic puzzle with a new option: successfully navigating the beads through the maze. It can be really interesting to move puzzles on the board, not only sticking them. By the way, moving puzzles take much time for playing. Wooden construction is safe and light. It will never overweight your travel bag and always gives much pleasure to your kids.

  1. Dinosaurs

Everyone likes dinosaurs. Who doesn’t? But what if you take not only figures of dinosaurs but a big tray for playing? It sounds great! You shouldn’t do it on your own. This tray is a must-have accessory and easy to buy in a kids’ store. You can put it on the table or car seat. The tray isn’t flat as a pancake. It has side walls that prevent figures from falling on the floor. The tray is good not only for dinosaurs but different toy figures. It is not a problem if it’s time for dinner but your kid is still playing. The tray can be transformed into the dinner table easily.

Traveling with kids is always challenging. But you, as a wise parent, should spend some time and minimum efforts to make the road trip enjoyable for both, kids and parents. Just pack wisely and try to mind everything that is able to grab your kid’s attention for some time.

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