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4 Fantastic Educational Toys For 5 Year Olds

Educational toys for 5 year olds are so important – from the moment your baby exits the womb they start learning new things. As a parent or carer, we fulfill the role of helping a child to develop all kinds of skills. Children learn through observation, interaction and of course imagination. It can be highly beneficial to provide your child with age-appropriate educational toys to help them with mastering crucial skills and valuable life lessons.

Educational Toys for 5 Year Olds

What Is The Use Of Educational Toys?

An educational toy provides a child with the chance to learn through play. It can help them with developing certain skills or teach them about specific things. And best of all, it provides a fun learning experience.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing age-appropriate educational toys:

  1. Playing is fun

Learning while playing makes for a fun experience whether it is an infant sucking on a toy or a school-age child playing with a cricket bat and ball.

  1. Assisting with sensory development

Whether it is bright coloured rattles for a baby or craft activities suitable for older children, these toys help with developing fine motor skills.

  1. Teaching a child valuable life lessons

Educational toys assist kids to understand things such as cause and effect for instance, using building blocks to build a tower and then knocking it down.

  1. Peaking a child’s interest

Keeping the child from losing interest. They will want to play with the toys repeatedly.

  1. Growing IQ

Educational toys can assist with expanding a child’s IQ through motor skills advancement, coordination, memory retention, numeracy and literacy.

Educational toys are valuable tools that can help build a child’s emotional as well as social development and allow them to play with others.  It can build their confidence by learning to share, bond, taking turns, becoming leaders and engage in teamwork.

Have a look at these great educational toys for 5 year olds:

  1. Terrarium kit for kids with LED lights

With this science toy kids can be entertainment by creating their own customised mini terrarium garden in a jar that lights up at night.

  • A miniature garden within a container which is simulating an ecological environment. Your child can watch the beautiful garden growing by day and glowing at night with a built-in LED lid under the lid which can be flipped on with a switch. The light is rechargeable with a micro-USB cable.
  • The kit includes: 1 x 4×6 inches terrarium jar, jar lid with light-up LED light, micro-USB cable, Instruction booklet, soil, blue sand wheat grass, river rocks, chia seeds, small mushroom and bunny miniatures, spray bottle, stickers for decoration and a wooden stick to help with planting the seeds.
  • Educational and fun science toy that allow kids of all ages to layer the sand, rocks, and stickers as they see fit.

  1. 163-Piece Construction Engineering building block set for boys and girls

Children love to play with building blocks and this set is guaranteed to keep them occupied for hours.

  • Seventy-five percent more pieces than similar block sets which allow up to six players to play together. This set has more wrenches, blocks, plates, bolts, nuts and movable wheels than any other set.
  • Supporting STEM education as it is designed to boost children’s science, math, technology and engineering skills.
  • Improving kids’ imaginations and creativity by letting them create their own animals, cars, robots or anything they want.
  • A full-color guide with 42 designs is included.
  • An excellent educational toy for encouraging children to learn while playing. It is specially designed for developing hand-eye coordination, improving logical thinking and problem-solving skills, mastering fine motor skills, working together as a team therefore building social skills and supporting creativity and imagination.
  • Suitable for ages 3-10 years.
  • The Supplier offers a no-hassle satisfaction guarantee with a full refund if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason.
  • Kits are easily washed and comes into a sturdy storage box.
  • All 163 pieces are non-toxic and certified lead, phthalate, BPA and cadmium-free.
  • 100% safe for children and free from toxic chemicals.
  • The new innovative design offers more ways of playing. The bolts are custom made with a screw-in screwdriver slot to be either used with the wrench or screwdriver and allowing more ways to build.
  • The set also includes 4 x duel-purpose wrenches, 1 x kid-friendly screwdriver and 1 x special combination wrench allowing more kids to play at once.

  1. Educational Insights Hot Dots junior reding set with interactive Ace pen

An excellent toy for giving your kids a jump-start to help them master kindergarten reading skills.

  • Includes 2 x spiral-bound books with hundred lessons each and an interactive talking, teaching electronic dog pen. Lessons include letter recognition, phonics, sight words, reading readiness, grammar, punctuation and more.
  • 15 Challenges included for next-level skill preparation.
  • Press Ace (interactive pen) to an answer dot. He replies with affirmative noises and encouraging words for correct answers and a gentle redirection for incorrect ones.
  • This toy help with development of critical early learning skills and offer encouragement for self-sufficient learning.
  • Ace grows up with your child through many Hot Dots, Hot Dots Jr books, card sets and workbooks teaching math, reading, science and many more.
  • The Ace pen requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

  1. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Electronic Me Reader sound book

Explore the amazing Adventure Bay with Ryder and the Paw Patrol.

  • Eight illustrated books featuring the Paw patrol pups packaged with a Me Reader module that reads every book aloud. Simply choose a book and press the matching book with page buttons on the module. Kids can listen to the stories along with fun sounds. They can follow the story in the book for a fun and self-sufficient reading experience that helps with building confidence in little ones who’ve just started reading.
  • The Electronic reading library is an excellent option because:
  • It provides hands-on interaction which engages young readers
  • It helps children connecting words with pictures, therefore building vocabulary.
  • Multi-sensory reading practices stimulate the imagination of young children.
  • It includes all the well-liked Paw patrol characters: Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, Ryder and more.

What educational toys for 5 year olds would you recommend?

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  1. Educational toys play a great role in the all-round development of children. They are an essential part of their growing up and help not only in keeping them engaged, but also stimulate their creativity and foster curiosity in them. These 5 toys are definitely tuned towards this end in mind. Building blocks are of course an all-time favourite with kids, the other one I thought must be really exciting for kids is Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Electronic Me Reader sound book, it also has the added bonus of developing the reading habit in a fun way in kids.

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