Majorette Tune Ups Review – The Ultimate Toy Car PLUS Giveaway

My son loves toy cars so when I told him that I had been contacted to do a Majorette Tune Ups review and I explained what it was all about he was so excited. When I told my husband about it he was also over the moon (yes car obsessed too) and even made me promise that if we received certain makes of car he can have it. I also had to keep aside one Majorette Tune Ups box for him to open when he got home from work.

***Disclosure – This post is a trade exchange (the products were gifted in exchange for a review), the views remain my own***

Majorette Tune Ups Review

What Are Majorette Tune Ups?

Majorette is a brand of metal toy cars from France. They are 7.5cms long and very realistic making them an international hit for play and collection.

Majorette Tune Ups is a new line that is launching right now in South Africa and has made Majorette even more exciting, with accessories and more in each Majorette Tune Ups box. There are 18 cars to collect in the first series and there will be more series coming out each year.

Majorette Tune Ups are already available on Takealot and will be available in-store in major outlets from the 14th July 2021.

What Comes With Each Majorette Tune Ups Box?

Each box comes with the following items:

  • one metal car
  • an accessory
  • a tuning part
  • stickers
  • a flyer
  • a collectors box
  • a collectors chip

Majorette Tune Ups Car

What Makes Majorette Tune Ups Stand Out?

Exceptional Quality

The quality of these cars and accessories is exceptional. I was a bit nervous at first when putting together the accessories as I did not want to be too rough with them but I quickly learned to use some force to put the accessories on and that they were well built and would not break.

In addition to this my kids have been playing with these cars and they have stood up perfectly. My kids are hard on their toys!

Exciting Tune Ups

My kids loved finding the accessories, fitting them all together and customizing their cars with stickers. This adds a whole new exciting dimension.


There are 18 cars  to collect in the first series that is launching now and each year more series will come out. My kids are determined to find the Ultra Rare car.

Majorette Tune Ups Branding


As with any collectable toy getting double or more of one car is inevitable, but rather than this being a disappointment it adds in a new element of fun and entertainment! As soon as my kids heard that their friend Hamish also got some Majorette Tune Ups they were on me to contact him to find out if he had any doubles so that they might be able to trade with him to get some new cars for their collection.


The game is ON between my daughter and son to see who can get the best cars and more cars first.

Collectors Box and Chip

This feature really is outstanding and makes for additional fun – my kids love the way that the boxes stack together with each box having its own collectors chip. The collectors chip shows the car and its features (style, speed and terrain) and it fits into the side of the collectors box.

Before we did the live video with Fun Mamma SA (watch it at the top of this post) I thought the collectors chip was the red clip that unlocked the box and then Judy and Hamish showed us the real collectors chip that is on the side of the collectors box #FacePalm.

In-store Rewards

Every time you buy a Majorette Tune Ups you can enter the competition to win three VIP Racing Driver Experiences for you and your family!

Putting Together Majorette Tune Ups

My Verdict For Majorette Tune Ups

Majorette Tune Ups is a hit, it really is a fantastic toy that has interested my daughter as well as my son and adults as well as kids. Even my sister in law’s 20 year old stepson was here in a flash to check them out since he collects cars.

Make sure to check out the story highlights for Majorette Tune Ups on my @lynnehuysamen Instagram channel to check out unboxing stories and all the excitement.

These sets offer non-stop excitement and joy with so many exciting features. I highly recommend you buy some for your child, these are the cream of the crop when it comes to toy cars.

Win a Majorette Tune Ups hamper

WIN A Majorette Tune Ups Hamper

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