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5 Toys That Will Bring Out Your Child’s Creativity

Creativity is a very important quality and one that can be polished. In today’s world, creativity is highly important in the business field. With an ever increasing competition, companies constantly need to come up with new ideas. Being creative means that you can think outside the box, you can easily solve problems, and you have a different perspective. Creative people are also more flexible and easily adapt themselves to changing circumstances. Kids are the future so it is absolutely important to bring them up to succeed.

Children have a flawless mind that can be easily trained to become innovative. The best way to teach children is through play, and toys are just the tools for this purpose. When buying toys, parents should focus more on what kids can do with them instead of what the toys can do, as recommended by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association.

However, do not think that you can just put a bunch of toys in front of your kids and expect them to become creative in a matter of hours. You have to engage with them; it is really difficult to take out time from our busy day, but a little quality time spent with our children goes a long way. Here are 5 toys that will bring out your child’s creativity.

5 Toys That Will Bring Out Your Child's Creativity

  1. LEGO

LEGO is an evergreen toy that boosts creativity not only in children, but in adults too. With a massive variety of sets and pieces, there are countless ways to experiment with LEGO. Brick Pals advises to play LEGO with your kids and give them ideas or hints to encourage them to use their imagination themselves and create their own LEGO scenes. LEGO is kind of a puzzle and playing with it improves problem-solving skills. Another wonderful feature of LEGO is that it does not dictate what a child should do; it gives them the freedom to choose what they would like to do with the pieces. If you want your children to become creative, allow them to free-build with random pieces instead of a defined LEGO set. If you’re struggling to find what LEGO sets to buy, you can visit fan websites.

  1. Play Dough

Children love getting their hands messy just as much as their parents hate it. The Measured Mum says that play dough offers children the opportunity to put their mind to use and come up with different designs. This is such a versatile toy that it has been in use for generations and only keeps on improving. A ball of dough can be transformed into something new within minutes, and if children are not happy with their design, they can just as quickly smash it and create something else. The multiple tools, shapes, and cutters that come in a play dough set are very helpful in letting children create something different. But again, you have to engage with your kids and give them new ideas.

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  1. Kinetic Sand

The good thing about kinetic sand is that it sticks to itself so it is somewhat less messy as compared to play dough. You can put it in a tub, bucket, or some other wide plastic box in which kids can easily play with the sand. Like play dough, children can build within minutes with the kinetic sand. So now you don’t have to go to the beach to build a sand castle, you can just do so in your backyard or even your living room.

  1. Play Tape

Most kids are very fond of toys that move. Play tape is an amazing way to let your child use their imagination to design a track for all their vehicles. It has railway tracks and roads so children will have a lot of fun building their very own road and rail network. A road network in the middle of the living room or kitchen can be annoying for parents, but it is sure going to let your kids make fun memories.

  1. Straws & Connectors

Children love stacking things up, building and connecting. Straws and connectors are an excellent way to let kids design different shapes and structures. There are countless ways to connect the straws to create unusual structures. You can further boost your children’s creativity by asking them to make a unique shape and then name it.

Children often play more with the boxes that toys come in instead of the toys themselves. Let them. Because this truly boosts a child’s creativity. You will be amazed at the kind of things children pretend to make from boxes; police car, rocket, pirate ship, the sky is the limit. Toys are not meant to dictate what a child should play; they are just instruments to help children learn while having fun.

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