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Life Play Learn Toys Review

I was so happy when Melissa and Mandy from Life Play Learn said that they were going to put together a gift bag for my kids. They love getting things to try out and to be honest here I don’t buy them much myself so when things are gifted to us they always over the moon.

Life Play Learn Toys Review

Foam Gliders

These foam gliders are the bomb! My kids are loving them and even my husband had a go with them. They were very easy to put together. Initially I felt a bit nervous about pushing the wings through the hole to put it together because it felt like it might break but they are much sturdier than they look and feel.

I was surprised at how well they fly. They have already provided hours of fun for my kids and they are still going strong which is quite surprising as my kids are quite heavy going with their toys. Anything flimsy won’t last a minute in our home.

Sticky hands

Sticky Hands

Ok I don’t know what the official name is for these toys but I call them sticky hands. Feel free to correct me in the comments if I am wrong. These are so much fun – they are elastic and sticky so you hold onto the one end and flick it so that the hand flies away from you and sticks onto something like a wall and when you pull it then it flies back at you.

When they took these out of the bag  my son screamed “I love these things”.

My kids loved these and got a lot of play time out of them. However the nature of these are not long lasting. Firstly since they are sticky they will pick up all sorts of dirt – not so great when my kids took them outside to play with! Then they eventually broke with the hand snapping off the long part.

Then of course as kids will do they threw the hands up onto our ceiling, one in the bedroom and one in our living area. The bedroom one I removed easily, however our living area has an incredibly high ceiling and even standing on a table with a broom I could not get to it. It looks like a blue hand will be a permanent fixture on our ceiling from now on. Mom life right?

Origami Art

Origami Art

Carboard RobotThis was great fun for my son, he loves constructing things and figuring out how to put things together. It can be hard for my seven year old to concentrate at times and he often does not listen and jumps ahead with things.

When I saw him putting together these cardboard figures he sat still, looked at the instructions and concentrated hard. It was also fantastic activity for fine motor skills and for shape perception. It is not that easy to get everything fit together so it takes some skill and maneuvering before it all comes together which is a good thing. His favourite out of these was putting together the blue robot.

The age on the packaging says it is from 3 and up but it would be way too hard in my opinion for young kids. My son at seven is the perfect age for this activity. Due to the fact that it was robots my daughter was not that keen to get involved with this activity.

In Conclusion

This selection of toys from Life Play Learn was spot on for my kids. They got so much enjoyment out of every item and the foam gliders will be entertaining them for a long time to come.

If you are looking for some great toys for your kids at fantastic prices I recommend you check out Life Play Learn.

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    A lovely read for us mommies. As a mom, when I look for toys, I want thought provoking toys that give my child a decent challenge.

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    I.will definitely try them, thank you ?

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