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Fines SA – Making South African Roads Safer

Happy woman driving

With an exceptionally high incidence of road accidents and fatalities, South Africa is a dangerous place to drive in. The government has made several attempts to clamp down on traffic offenders, for example through the proposed AARTO Demerit system. However, many challenges have been identified in administering and policing it, if …

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What To Do If Your Car Hits An Animal

Damaged car

No one can ever really prepare you for what it’s like to hit an animal with your car. It’s an upsetting experience and depending on the type of animal (wild or domestic) you might be overwhelmed with a lot of questions about what to do next, like what to do …

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5 Essential Ways To Keep Your Children Safe


As a parent we have many responsibilities towards our children ranging from teaching them manners to helping them to distinguish right from wrong. However the biggest responsibility we have is to keep them alive and safe from physical injury and any other sort of harm. There are various things you …

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Buckle your kids…It’s the LAW!

Buckle your Kids

I can’t say it enough, please buckle your kids up. If a child lands up underneath or next to a motor vehicle, that determines if a child was restrained or not, so buckle up your kids as you would hate to be in an accident and blame yourself for the …

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New Speed Laws for Taxis in South Africa

New Taxi Speed Laws

New Speed Laws for Taxis It has come with a relief that there are new speed laws for taxis in South Africa. We have found the article on News24.com that we thought you might enjoy reading and raising your opinions on: As I understand it from the 1st of December …

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