Buckle Up Your Kids

Road Safety – Buckle Up Your Kids

One of the things about being a mom that I hate is when another parent tries to tell me what to do with my kids. A good example is when I went to the mall with my daughter when she was just under a year old. It was quite a chilly day and I put her in her pram with a nice woolly hat, a warm jersey, socks, shoes and a blanket. Lo and behold 20 mins later walking through the mall a lady stops me and gives me a verbal bashing, because my poor child must be freezing.

I looked at my child and her hat, shoes, socks and blanket were just gone! This happened on a regular basis. She would strip and somehow chuck everything out the pram without me noticing. I really do the best for my children and for someone that does not know me or my situation to stop me and accuse me of being a bad parent does my nut in!

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It is on this note that I want to say that I really try my utmost to keep my nose out of other people’s business and leave them to parent their children in their own way without any judgement.

There is one time that I completely fall short and that is when I see the way parents put their children’s lives at risk every day while on the road. Recently I saw a young mom pulling into a parking lot with a child around 4 years old sitting in the front seat (without a seat belt) and in this child’s lap was a BABY of about 7 or 8 months old. My jaw dropped in shock. Can a parent not see how dangerous this is?

Britney Spears Driving with baby
Britney Spears Driving with baby

Every single day I see young children in the back of a bakkie, or a toddler jumping around on the back seat of a driving car. Sometimes I see toddlers in the front seat with a baby in the drivers lap. Simply shocking! All it takes is one small little fender bender and your child could be dead.

On my Facebook page I regularly ask our fans about car safety and buckling up and the majority say they always buckle up their kids. There have been a few times where a comment has been made that they would buckle them up, but their baby or child screams and fights so much that they don’t bother anymore. I really do understand that feeling and it also drives me nuts when I have to fight to buckle them up, but the fact is I would rather have a screaming, fighting child than a dead one! It is just not worth the risk.

Please remember that as parents it is our responsibility to make sure we are informed and educated about all aspects of safety for our children and to protect them to the best of our abilities.

Click here for the Arrive Alive information on buckling up your kids.

If you are not sure about what car seat to use for your baby’s age check this post I wrote on that topic.

Do you buckle up your kids?

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  1. My little boy cant even fit proply in the car seat but i do strap him hate when i see kids not strapped in its so dangerous.

    • Well you know what I think since I wrote this post, but it seems I am seeing more and more of this trend. It makes me very sad that parents either don’t understand the importance of strapping in their kids properly, or don’t care.

      • I agree Lynne parents dont get to see the importance of kids being in their car seats stapped and when certian age must be rare view facing there are reason for this.

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