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Key Tips On Keeping Your Child Safe When In A Busy Area

As a parent, you always look that your child’s safety is your priority. While they can be vulnerable at times, it’s only but natural to feel worried about their welfare. The feeling is usually apparent when your child has been in busy and crowded places. For instance, you may find trips to places like the zoo, parks, museums and other areas a great experience for them to enjoy but these can also expose them to potential dangers. In fact, it would only take a split second for your child to be harmed – and even you’d admit that there are terrifying situations where you’re extremely anxious about your child being in public places.

Key Tips on Keeping Your Child Safe in A Busy Area

Tips to consider for keeping your child’s safety in busy areas

You can’t fully guarantee your child’s safety in crowded places. If the thought continues to bother you, you can help protect your children from harmful situations by considering these tips:

  1. Have your child dressed in bright colors

It would be easier for you to spot your child in a crowd when they are dressed in bright colors. For instance, you can purchase shirts, pants, and hats with neon colors so your child would stand out more from the rest. Also, siblings with matching clothing would also help you when they can get lost.

  1. Buy a wearable mobile GPS tracking device

Although tracking devices can be costly, having one for your child can go a long way in keeping them safe at all times. Many times, making sure the device is attached to your child would certainly give you peace of mind when your child is in busy places. The only challenge you should always take note is to ensure that the tracking device stays on them until you go finally go home.

  1. Put an ID bracelet on your child

While there are issues about children being put with IDs, you might consider the idea of putting an ID bracelet or wristband for security purposes. By doing this, you would not be compromising their safety. For example, when they would get lost, looking for them would be much easier.

  1. Consider using a safety harness

When you’re dealing with a toddler, considering a harness as a safety gear that can help you keep them safe in crowds. While using it might not work for all circumstances, it’s still worth trying after all. Remember children at a very young age are so energetic, which is why the possibilities of them getting lost in a busy area or them running out towards a moving car is high. Keeping these things in mind’ the best thing you’d do is to keep your eyes on your child and if not, consider putting in a safety harness on them.

  1. Always hold your child’s hands

When you’re in crowded areas, it’s best to hold your child’s hands at all times. In all cases, hand-holding can be an efficient way to ensure their protection. With all the possible harm brought about by congested areas, it’s wise to always protect them.

Parents holding child's hands

  1. Take a recent photo of your child using a smartphone

It’s better to have a recent photograph of your child when go out in busy places. Take note that having a child’s photo wearing that day’s clothing can help you find them whenever they get lost in the area.

  1. Don’t take “what if” thoughts for granted

Be always vigilant when it comes to the safety of your child. Bear in mind, chances of your kid getting hurt shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why it’s vital to secure their protection by practicing “what if” behaviors.

  1. Give your phone number to your child

In cases of emergency, sharing your phone number with your child can be truly beneficial. For younger children, you can make use of your child’s clothing to write your number. You can also write it on their arm using a permanent marker.

  1. Talk to your child regarding stranger safety

When your child is in crowded areas, they are prone to this so-called “stranger danger.” For instance, no parent wants their kids talking to unfamiliar people, which is why telling them about stranger safety can guarantee their protection.

By all means, you’re more than willing to make sure that your child is safe even if you’re not with them by considering these tips:

  • Make sure to teach your child about your address and contact numbers.
  • Tell them that when they get lost, they should immediately go to the police station or ask help from someone working nearby.
  • When traveling alone on the bus or train, ask them to sit near other families.
  • Let your child understand that it’s important to tell you when a stranger approaches them.
  • Remind your child not to talk to strangers when you’re not around.
  • Tell your child not to fight back when someone is trying to get something from them.
  • Let your child carry a whistle with them so they can use it to keep away from suspicious persons.

While you’re in busy areas with your child, following these tips can also minimize the risks of potentially harmful situations:

  • Even if you’re nearby, don’t let your child talk to an unknown person.
  • Always come with your child in public toilets.
  • Ensure that you sit together when traveling on a train or bus.
  • Don’t lose your sight of your child. Always keep an eye on them.
  • Stay alert, so you’ll know what’s going with them and with the surroundings.

You would never want something bad to happen to your child. In fact, you’d do everything in your power to make sure that they are safe in all situations. By keeping these tips in mind, we hope we’re able to help you gain more knowledge about keeping your child safe in jam-packed areas. However, if you find the need to take their safety to the next level, you may want to ask appropriate legal advice regarding the matter by clicking here.

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  1. Elize Swanepoel

    Such a great article and advice on how to keep our babies safe.

    I think this is probably my worst fear.
    If my JD should be taken or go missing, then I would probably lose my will for life. I just can’t comprehend something like this happening to us.

    When I see the countless updates and posts about missing children and even people, I immediately think of their loved ones and what they must be going through.

    It is heart breaking.

    There are a few tips that I will most definitely apply as soon as JD is big enough to be taught.

    JD’s Dad and myself is very protective over JD and we always carry him or push him in a trolley when visiting the mall or shops and that trolley does not leave our sight at all.

    At this point JD doesn’t like change or strange people which works in our favor. He will only go to people that he knows and trusts.

    I love the idea of a whistle. That can be very effective in a crowded area.

    I also like the idea of teaching JD our telephone number and address and to make him wear an ID bracelet.

    Thanks for sharing this great article!

    These are tips that every parent should know and apply.

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