Buckle your Kids

Buckle Your Kids…It’s The Law!

I can’t say it enough, please buckle your kids up!

If a child lands up underneath or next to a motor vehicle, that determines if a child was restrained or not, so buckle up your kids as you would hate to be in an accident and blame yourself for the rest of your life. This is your most precious cargo, treat it so!

Each person will be fined as from April 2015 if your child is not fitted and belted into a car seat that is suitable for him/her, The amount of the fine has not yet been disclosed. Recommendations will need to be made in respect of all new offences that have been created by the regulations law officers.

According to law all children 0-3 months need to be buckled up in car seats and restrained at all times while the vehicle is running to prevent all injuries and possibly death to occur.

Click here for the requirements for child restraints and their ages.

Let’s all Arrive Alive and buckle up at all times as all it takes is 1 second.

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  1. I think traffic officers must be more alert if something drive without the kids been buckled up they must fine them i see it alot in one day maybe 6/7 cars passing where kids stand on seats or hang out windows i feel i can get a heart attack.

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