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Online Schooling – How To Set Your Child Up For Success

Home learning workspace

Online schooling is on the rise in South Africa, and more families are opting for the flexibility and other benefits of at-home learning.  However, it’s important for parents to be mindful of providing a child-friendly workspace that is conducive to learning.  A safe, comfortable and well-organised environment is essential for …

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8 Ways To Raise Avid Readers

Avid Readers

If you want to raise avid readers in your home this post is for you. Plenty of research suggests kids who learn to read books from a young age can enhance their cognitive and verbal abilities. Reading offers an essential relaxing activity for children. It is an excellent way to …

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Help Your Child Bounce Back From Winter Colds

Winter colds

While science has taught us never to underestimate the power of germs, sometimes these microscopic critters are simply too crafty, even for the most stringent germ detective. Is Winter To Blame For Childhood Colds? Welcome to winter – the season of snuggles, bear hugs, hot chocolate, colds, and flu! Of …

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4 Best Online Games For Kids At

Playing Online Games

The best online games for kids will be ones that your kids enjoy, as well as teach them something along the way. While it’s true that screen time must be closely monitored and too much screen time is not good for kids, there are many amazing benefits of playing online …

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Are Natural Fiber Sheets Good For Your Baby?

Baby sleeping on sheet

As per reports, newborn babies and toddlers tend to sleep 80% of their time. The amount and quality of sleep influence their cognitive and physical development. That is why using comfortable, yet soft bedding is essential for babies. Even the smallest of noise is a disturbance to the sleep of …

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How Many Diapers Will Baby Use?

Changing baby diaper

Any parent will tell you that babies use a lot of diapers, especially during the first few weeks after birth. Many parents decide to stockpile nappies before the baby arrives to be prepared. Deciding on how many nappies are needed and what brands to buy can be overwhelming, particularly with …

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Why Your Teen Needs Privacy

Group of teenagers

As parents we feel a certain pride when our teens stake out their rights to more and more autonomy.  After all, it’s a natural and necessary evolution from childhood to adulthood, a signifier that our ‘child is alright’ and that we are doing a ‘good enough’ job at parenting.  However, …

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5 Reasons Why Homeschooling Has Become A First Choice

Mother and son homeschooling

The last two years have been a rollercoaster ride for many families in South Africa, as we navigated school closures and learning from home. But now that the lockdown has ended, many families have come to realise that homeschooling works for them. Since the pandemic started, we at Impaq — South Africa’s largest …

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