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Why ‘Soft Skills’ Are Today’s Key Skills

Key Skills

With the world facing an uncertain future of work, there’s a question on many parents’ minds: “Is my child actually learning the skills they need for the 21st Century?”  AI models are increasingly taking over a wide range of routine tasks and vast resources of facts and know-how are now available …

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8 Tips For Calming Your Baby At Bath Time

Calm Baby Bath

Bath time can be a stressful experience for both parents and babies, especially if your little one is prone to crying and fussing during the process. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks you can try to help calm your baby and make bath time a more enjoyable experience for …

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Caring For Your Loved One In A Nursing Home

Nursing home assistant

Watching your parents get older can be a challenge. The people that used to care for all your needs and spend years of their lives guiding you through childhood begin to become more dependent on others to survive. This often leads to a role reversal where the adult children start …

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Mattel Announces The First-Ever Barbie Doll Specifically Designed for Preschool-Aged Children – Plus Giveaway

Girl playing with Barbie

Toy manufacturing giant, Mattel, has announced the launch of its latest creation: My First Barbie. Since 1959, Barbie has been inspiring children with toys that encourage imagination, expression and discovery through play and this year’s line is no exception. This year, Barbie is introducing a brand-new innovation in the dolls …

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Why Android Devices Are Safer For Kids

Teen girl selfie

The debates about whether children should own smartphones, and if so, at what age, have become a very modern parenting dilemma.  There are no ‘right or wrong’ answers to these ‘Big Questions’ about kids and smartphones.  The near-universal uptake of smartphones for children, at increasingly younger ages, is a clear …

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Child Allergies: 5 Types And Treatment Options

Child with allergy

What is an allergy? An allergy refers to how the immune system reacts to foreign matter entering the body, such as pet dander, bee venom, or pollen. It also occurs when food that’s customarily eaten causes a reaction. The immune system creates and releases substances called antibodies. If you have …

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The Benefits Of Positive Play

Crowd of kids

Children from varying ages are affected by bullying, particularly those who come from areas which are deprived of ideal resources which positively impact a child’s development. That is why through its Siyasizana initiative, SASKO aims to restore over 1000 playgrounds in South Africa by 2024. The goal is to help …

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Is Boarding School Right For Your Child?

School kids

For many families, boarding school is a family tradition which goes back generations. For other families, modern life requires work and travel commitments that make boarding for high school students a necessity. But the questions that are central to every parent’s concern are: will my child be happy as a …

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