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13 Things To Do For The Perfect Marriage Proposal

Crafting the perfect marriage proposal is an art. It’s a symphony of timing, emotion, and a considerable amount of planning that ensures that special moment runs smoothly. Whether you found your soulmate in high school, through a mutual friend, or via a dating app, the time has come to make a life-altering decision. Yet, we all know how nerve-wracking the path leading to the “big question” can be. From shopping for that perfect engagement ring to rehearsing the unforgettable speech, it requires meticulous preparation.

To help ease this task, we sought the wisdom of a seasoned proposal planner, Alexandra Uritis. In the following, she shares 13 fundamental steps that will transform your proposal into an unforgettable memory.

13 Things To Do For The Perfect Marriage Proposal

Align Your Future Visions

It’s paramount to ensure that both of you envision marriage as a shared future. Initiate a conversation about your future aspirations and subtly highlight your inclination towards a marital bond. Broach the topic casually, perhaps by referencing a friend’s recent engagement, and gauge their response. This seemingly daunting discussion will shed light on their perspective, offering insight into their likely response to your proposal.

Speak To Their Parents

This might seem antiquated, but it’s an important tradition for many. Should your partner have hinted at the significance of their parents’ approval, make sure to approach them. Express your love for their child and your intent to spend your life together. Your words will not signify claiming their child as a possession, but rather, as a testament of respect and inclusion for their family.

Purchase The Perfect Ring

Choosing engagement rings in Australia is no small task. It’s a symbol of your commitment that your partner will cherish daily. Pay attention to the style of jewellery they favour or seek advice from their closest companions. Whether it’s an ornate ring from a boutique in Sydney, Australia or a sleek minimalist design, make sure it resonates with their preferences. Don’t forget to discreetly ascertain their ring size, too!

Personalize Your Proposal

With the ring secured, it’s time to design your proposal. Reflect on the kind of experience your partner would appreciate – a grand gesture, an intimate affair, or a surprise amidst loved ones. According to Uritis, personalising your proposal will add immense value, even if it’s just embellishing your living room with candles to create a romantic ambiance.

Consider Professional Assistance

Seeking help from professional proposal planners like ‘The Yes Girls’ could ease the planning process. They can manage logistics, find vendors, and ensure a memorable and stress-free experience.

Engagement ring

Pen Down Your Speech

While spontaneity is great, having a broad outline of your proposal speech could be beneficial. Discuss your partner’s qualities that you admire and express your excitement for your shared future. Remember, the speech needn’t be lengthy, but heartfelt, culminating in the all-important, “Will you marry me?”

Prepare For Post-proposal Celebration

Once the big question is asked, you’ll want to celebrate. Whether it’s a reserved table at your favourite restaurant or a surprise celebration with friends at a local Sydney sauna, ensure you have plans to make the moment even more memorable.

Craft A Convincing Backstory

To keep your proposal a surprise, create a believable backstory to divert your partner’s suspicion. A well-planned story will keep both you and your partner at ease, maintaining the surprise element.

Ensure The Ring’s Safety

From the moment you procure the ring, its safety becomes paramount. Insure the ring and find a secure place to hide it until the proposal. On the big day, keep the ring in a safe but accessible spot.

Hire A Photographer

Documenting the proposal will make it an event to reminisce about. Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the raw emotion of the moment. These cherished pictures could double as an impromptu engagement photoshoot.

Find A Discreet Spot For The Ring

Avoid letting the ring box spoil the surprise by finding a discreet storage solution. ‘The Box Sock’, an ingenious invention by ‘The Yes Girls’, could come to your rescue. This accessory has a tiny pocket and ring box – perfect for a smooth transition to the proposal.


Be Adaptable

While planning is crucial, life can be unpredictable. Be flexible and don’t force the moment. If things don’t go according to plan, don’t rush it. The perfect moment might be just around the corner.

Don’t Hurry The Moment

When it’s time to get down on one knee, take a deep breath and let the rehearsed words flow. Give your partner ample time to process the situation and react. Once they have collected themselves, the ring can find its place on their finger.

Planning the perfect marriage proposal isn’t about extravagant gestures but creating a moment that’s true to you as a couple. By taking these steps into consideration, you can craft a proposal that is meaningful and memorable – the perfect steppingstone into your shared future.

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