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10 Tips For Navigating Peer Pressure With Kids

Teen peer pressure

In the intricate journey of childhood and adolescence, peer pressure emerges as a formidable force. Whether it’s the allure of fitting in or the fear of missing out, children and teenagers often find themselves grappling with decisions influenced by their peers. As parents, guardians, or mentors, our role in guiding …

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14 Insightful Teen Parenting Books You Must Read

Woman reading parenting book

The tween and teenage years are a unique phase of development where young minds undergo significant changes emotionally, physically, and socially. As a parent, navigating this transitional period can be both rewarding and challenging. Fortunately, several insightful books offer guidance and support, helping parents understand and effectively parent their tweens. …

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Why Your Teen Needs Privacy

Group of teenagers

As parents we feel a certain pride when our teens stake out their rights to more and more autonomy.  After all, it’s a natural and necessary evolution from childhood to adulthood, a signifier that our ‘child is alright’ and that we are doing a ‘good enough’ job at parenting.  However, …

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10 Signs Of Eating Disorders In Teens

Teen eating disorder

Eating disorders are complex mental health disorders. If an eating disorder is left untreated it can lead to serious complications, that could end up in fatality. Complications can include heart attacks, tachycardia and heart arrhythmia. Anorexia nervosa has the highest fatality rate of any mental health disorder. The most common …

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7 Tips for Buying Gifts for Teenagers

Gift teenageer

For many people, buying a gift for teenagers is the most difficult thing to do. Teenagers are notoriously picky and opinionated about everything from how they dress to what type of music they like. It’s no wonder that it can be difficult to buy gifts for 14 year old boys …

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10 Tips On How To Prepare Your Kids For Adulthood

Happy teen girl

It takes time for teenagers to slowly learn and practice important adult life skills, like managing finances, driving a car, finding a job, doing their own laundry, arranging medical appointments, and more. This means you need to start early to prepare your kids for adulthood. Even small kids can be …

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Cyber Bullying and Teen Girls: Tips To Help Her Cope

Teen girls

Over the last decade teenagers across the world have been exposed not only to traditional tactics of bullying in real life, but also the added layer of cyber bullying with the advent of social media. The effects of bullying are varied and can harm the victim’s emotional well-being, self-esteem, reputation …

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Essential Skin Care for Teenagers

Teenager flowers

Adolescence is a particularly interesting time where a person undergoes through various changes in her or her life. One of these changes includes bodily hormonal changes that can affect your skin. Oftentimes, many teenagers experience skin issues like acne and oily skin due to hormonal changes so it’s important to …

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