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Common Issues Faced By The Youth Today

When the word ‘youth’ appears, it is important to define it. Youth is an age category that comprises of people from 15-24 years of age. The category includes teens and young adults.

Issues are everywhere. It pervades every age group whether it is an infant or an old person. But solutions are also there such as drug addiction rehab centers. Some issues are opportunities for growth and some are pits of despair.

Youth is a time of great energy and of high ambitions. The fire is such that it can either burn everything or give rise to new. A controlled and guided approach can do wonders in this time of immense growth. But the opposite of it can crash and burn everything. It creates obstacles that are difficult to overcome.

Here are some issues faced by the youth today that needs serious attention and solution.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem means low self worth. People with low self worth tend to have a difficult time adjusting themselves in social situations. The extremity of this condition can make people reclusive and socially awkward. They have hard time making friends. Low self-esteem interferes in every part of their life. Most of it roots from absence of standard values such as body image or poverty. The tendency to judge oneself based on a reference point that is absent in their life is one of the reason for it.


Depression is another problem faced by the youths today. Depression is a condition in which a person loses all interest and purpose from their life. In extreme cases, it can push people to end their lives. Depression is a mental illness that can be fought with the help of family, friends and professionals.

Internet addiction

Internet addiction is also known as cyber addiction. Internet addiction is the inability to control or poor usage of computer and related activities. Internet addiction is a large term that can cover a lot of facets. But all in all, it refers to the inappropriate and poorly moderated usage of computer and internet. Binging and surfing aimlessly has become a concern that has given rise to new complications and diseases.

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Substance abuse

Drug addiction, alcohol abuse and smoking is another area where youths are suffering. Such conditions arise when the body has become dependent on these substances so much so that the body cannot function properly. The dependency on alcohol and substances have made their lives poor. It has ruined their lives both figuratively and metaphorically.

Sex and pregnancy

Unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy is another issue plaguing the youths. Not only this, the dangers of contracting STD’s are also severe. Youths are loosing years and opportunities to build their career. Awareness of such issues and sex education will go long way in containing the issue.

Therefore, the common problems faced by youths are low self-esteem, depression, substance abuse, internet addiction and unwanted pregnancy. The youths need to be saved from such destructive paths that wrest years and opportunities out of their hands.

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