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9 Habits To Help Your Body Recover Faster

Healthy body healthy mind

The journey of mental and bodily recovery is not easy. Abandoning your addictive behaviors to restore sobriety and regain self-control can be a challenge. But how to treat the damage already done to your body? It can be difficult to start the recovery process, and staying on track can be …

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What Is Aftercare Treatment In Addiction Recovery?

Recovery Addiction Treatment

Addiction aftercare is an essential part of addiction recovery, which is offered in sober living homes in different parts of the USA, such as San Diego sober living, but what is it? What are the different types of aftercare treatment centers available? And how do you know which type of …

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What Is Court Mandated Rehab, And When Does It Apply?

Court mandate

If you’ve been ordered by a court to undergo therapy, you might wonder what this entails. Court-mandated rehab can apply in various situations, and the specific requirements will vary depending on the case. In general, court-mandated treatment refers to any kind of therapeutic intervention that a judge orders as part …

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10 Signs Of Eating Disorders In Teens

Teen eating disorder

Eating disorders are complex mental health disorders. If an eating disorder is left untreated it can lead to serious complications, that could end up in fatality. Complications can include heart attacks, tachycardia and heart arrhythmia. Anorexia nervosa has the highest fatality rate of any mental health disorder. The most common …

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6 Tips For Managing Teen Mental Health In 2022

Teen Mental Health

The teen years can be rocky at best, however with the current state of the world with covid and the increase in online activities it can be harder than ever to manage teen mental health. There are many factors that influence teen mental health and it is important to note …

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Common Issues Faced By The Youth Today

Group of teens

When the word ‘youth’ appears, it is important to define it. Youth is an age category that comprises of people from 15-24 years of age. The category includes teens and young adults. Issues are everywhere. It pervades every age group whether it is an infant or an old person. But …

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Here’s How Drug Rehabilitation Centers Work

Addiction Treatment Group Therapy

In the society that we live in, a lot of stigmas are attached to rehabs. Some people frown when they hear someone went to or came back from a rehabilitation center. There is a lot of judgment that gets passed. However, it is nothing but our misfortune to be living …

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12 Children’s Books That Discuss Substance Abuse

Preteen reading book

Substance abuse and addiction can be such a difficult topic to discuss with kids, especially when they are facing confusing and hurtful circumstances related to a parent’s or sibling’s addiction. “As an addiction treatment professional, a person in recovery, and a father, I know from personal experience how important it …

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