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5 Tips For Buying Winter Clothing For Tweens

Tween fashion can be exciting and stylish. Guys and girls at this age start having their own ideas about clothing styles that best reflect their personalities and they start to mix and match their own outfits. It can be tricky buying winter clothing for tweens, here a few guidelines for what is trending right now.

5 Tips For Buying Winter Clothing For Tweens

Tween Fashion Trends

The fashion trends for junior high or upper elementary kids are somewhat different. Styles that are generally not popular with tweens are outfits with matching pants and tops. We recommend going for pieces that are both modern and functional. These are typically styles suitable for active tweens. Tweens usually start showing an interest in fashion. They start identifying with themselves and select pieces that reflect their personality and interests. Here are some of the popular pieces that are worn by both girls and guys.

Joggers, Sweatshirts, And Hoodies

Hoodies, joggers, and sweatshirts are tween fashion staples and are available in various styles. Shop now for the most fashionable and attractive pieces. You have a selection from ultra-casual and loose-fitting styles to more fitted and stylish options.

Skinny And Straight Legged Pants or Jeans

Girls love leggings and skinny jeans that are super versatile and come in various styles and color choices. They can be paired with various tops, including peasant shirts, T-shirts, tanks, tunics, and more, and are good transition pieces for the different seasons. They also look great with boots, ballet pumps, or running shoes.

For the guys, straight-legged and skinny jeans or trousers are excellent options. They are stylish, yet versatile and comfortable choices for active tweens. They can be worn with logo or plain tees, polos, button-down shirts, hoodies, and more. They work well with casual or athletic shoes.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are classic choices that never really go out of style. They are super easy to dress up or down, versatile, durable and can be paired with almost anything.

Camo Prints

Camo prints are another well-liked style option among tweens and feature in so many tween fashion pieces, including pants, tops, hoodies, shorts, and also undergarments. The colours differ from the more traditional camo colors to more contemporary blues and other shades.

Bright-coloured Shirts

Whether stripes, polka dots, geometric patterns, and even floral or Hawaiian prints, tops in brighter colours remain a fashion trend among guys and girls alike. They offer a fantastic way for tweens to express their personality and favorite colours. They pair well with jeans, tights or solid-coloured bottoms.

Typical Tween Fashion

Over decades, tween fashion has evolved, however, there are some styles that remain classic staples. It is safe to say that these pieces will always be a hit with your tween:

  • Sweatshirts and cardigans
  • Athletic wear
  • Basic tee’s and layering items
  • Denim skirts and pants

Tween girl sitting by graffiti

5 Tips For Buying Winter Clothing For Tweens

  • Parents should give their tweens some choice when it comes to clothing selections. While you might prefer more conservative and modest styles, your tween might have different ideas on how to express themselves through fashion.
  • Converse with your child about the clothing styles that they want to best reflect their hobbies, personality, and interests. Encourage them to choose clothes that best reflect their true sense of self.
  • Allow them to explore different clothing styles and choose their own outfits. It can help them to find clothing that makes them feel good about themselves and foster self-esteem.
  • Ask them for their input before buying clothes and be prepared to compromise a little, especially when you’re choosing clothes for after-school outfits.
  • Allow them to choose their own personal style through accessories, colour combinations, and layering of different pieces. Make them feel that they are in charge of choosing their own style.

I hope you have enjoyed this post on winter clothing for tweens. By implementing these guidelines, not only do you encourage your child to wear clothes that best represent their personality, but you will also play a part in fostering good self-esteem and allowing them to feel good about themselves.

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  1. Live your tips Lynne. So let me tell you what I do for my kid. When woolies or edgars have a sale I always buy clothes I need now and what i will need for the next year too. That way I save cost. So I never really need clothes I actually have clothes for her till she’s 4. Not alot though just some items

  2. With two tweens and love to dress them in fashion with thier own style .both differrent but they loov to feel and look good .im amazed how they will go to mr price for clothes and still hav trends.tgese tips are a must do .i always laybye when seasons change and love specials its always firstvon my list .agree the last part they have they own seld esteem and how tgey feel. My twins are 7 and alrwady started with choices before 7.great post too

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