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Lost In Communication: How To Connect Different Generations

Different Generations

The theory of generations has been a hot topic in recent years, widely spread by marketing consultants and journalists in the global media – there are more than 700 million results in Google search for the so-called ‘generation gap’. Some surveys touch upon the evidence of generational differences, while others show the similarities of …

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Huddle Your Tribe And Head For The Kitchen with MAGGI

Family Cooking Together

The dinner table has always been the centre of the home, allowing families much needed quality time together. Parents get to catch up about a hard day’s work and find out what their little ones learned at school or who they are spending their time with. The global pandemic turned …

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6 Benefits Of Family Meal Times

Family meal time

Sitting down for a family meal with the kids and your partner has become a challenge for many with their hectic daily schedules. For most, school, family, and work schedules with extracurricular activities leaves little room for quality family time where you sit at the table, enjoy a meal, and …

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South Africans Pledge with Lancewood® for Quality Mealtime

Lancewood Quality Time

Over the past two weeks, thousands of South African families have taken the Lancewood Quality Time™ Pledge, committing to at least one distraction-free meal every week. A recent research survey revealed that 89% of households believe that quality time with loved ones is important. However, the study also highlighted that …

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Top 5 Best Sports Games For Family

Family sports

Weeks and months have gone without you spending time with your family. Now you are relieved from work, and the children are home for holidays. So, your next plan is to find an activity that will make you spend precious time with them and enjoy it too. Sports is one …

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Becoming A Flourishing Family In Texas

A Great Place To Bring Up Your Children Texas right now is in a distinct period of bloom. Not everywhere in the state, of course, but in many places. Dallas/Fort Worth is especially expensive right now, and many families are rightly moving there. If you’ve been thinking about Texas, or …

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How to Make Your Home Work for a Growing Family

Family Home message

As your family grows, does your home need to? This question can be difficult to answer, but more often than not the answer is “no,” your existing space can often work for you and your loved ones with just minor tweaking. It’s not surprising that the number-one reason people sell …

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4 Creative Ways to Display Your Family Photos

Family photo in frame

After finally investing in family portraits, you have an album of photos to cherish. These images will help create memories and make excellent keepsakes for your loved ones, but posting them on social media is certainly not enough. To get the most out of your family portraits, you should take …

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