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10 Reasons Why A Family Safari Is The Best Escape From Covid-19 Right Now

The last year has left a long-lasting effect on us for many of the wrong reasons however one of the undeniable positives has been more time with those dearest to us, our families. It should be of no surprise that we are thus seeing a huge demand for family safari escapes!

“Now more than ever, a classic South African safari will positively impact your entire family’s mind, body and soul! The bush and wildlife will begin your rejuvenation process together,” says the founder of Iconic Africa, John Holley.

Here are Iconic Africa’s 10 reasons why a family safari really is the best escape from the pandemic right now:

  1. Time and space with your family

The past year has been synonymous with restrictions of every kind! We have all been craving space, a simpler life and dreaming of sundowners overlooking the sweeping plains of the bushveld. A trip to the bush is the perfect escape to enjoy quality time with your kids no matter the weather.

  1. Away from crowds

Luxury lodges are primarily an outdoor experience and equally are committed to following strict Covid-19 protocols. The lodges Iconic Africa support and promote going the extra mile to ensure guests feel as safe in their lodges as they do in their own homes. Soak in the serenity of nature, in the wide-open space and away from the crowds.

  1. Availability

South Africa for South Africans! Many foreigners are unable to visit and our beautiful country is now more open to locals. Many luxury lodges are offering unbeatable prices that are much more accessible to South Africans than ever before. These will only be available for approximately another 6 months! Use the opportunity before it disappears.

  1. Unforgettable experiences

If you’ve been on safari before, you’ll remember with fondness the enchanting sights and sounds of the African bushveld. The whole family soaking in new experiences and at times slightly out of your comfort zones undoubtedly bonds your family. These will be memories you treasure forever! “Our Iconic African team has been exploring and experiencing the adventures offered by the African continent for decades. Taking a moment to breathe in the magic of the veld and feeling connected to something much bigger than us is one of the greatest moments a parent can share with their child,” explains Holley.

  1. Time for you and your partner

Our hand-picked lodges have some of Africa’s best and most obliging staff. The amazing staff are equally experienced in creating fun and exciting activities for your children! Most importantly this allows you and your partner some well-deserved time off.
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  1. Here and now

You don’t know what the future holds, and the bush reminds us of what is important – time enjoyed with family and a chance to reset and align. Enjoying the here and now is watching the magic of the bush through children’s eyes as they experience its wonder for the first time.

  1. Something in your diary

2020 was a journey of a long and winding road with surprises around every corner. Booking out time in your diary and having something to look forward to will steer the family and give everyone something to look forward to.

  1. Support local

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from Covid-19 it’s that supporting local business is essential to keeping our economy going. “Aside from supporting our fellow South Africans and their families, luxury lodges often support a host of businesses. If we support luxury lodges – or any accommodation, for that matter – we can play our part in supporting local,” explains Holley.

  1. Help rebuild SA tourism

Local travel is how we keep the local safari industry alive, and lodges often contribute to important wildlife conservation efforts. By booking a local luxury safari, you will help in our collective effort to rebuild South African tourism.

  1. African sense of hospitality

The African philosophy of ‘I am because of who we all are’ is felt in every warming smile (today that is shown in the crinkle of the eyes above a mask); every helping hand and every generous offer to assist. Staff will take the time to plan for every possible need and ensure your stay is as comfortable and magical as possible. You will leave with a sense of rejuvenation, having been treated both as royalty and as a friend – a balance only African hospitality can achieve.
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About Iconic Africa

Iconic Africa’s promise is to showcase Africa’s greatest lodges at market-beating rates! Iconic Africa is the brainchild and driving passion of American-based Terri Abadi and South African based John Holley. In December of 2014, Terri and John joined forces to turn a traditional travel agency into a world-beating online travel platform that showcases the African destinations which best represent Iconic Africa’s values of opulent luxury, world-beating African hospitality, delectable contemporary cuisine and most importantly an authentic commitment to wilderness conservation.

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  1. Oh with only boys in the house it’s definitely the best escape. Great idea! Thanks

    • I can only imagine! I’ve got a pigeon pair and when a boy comes to play with my son all hell breaks loose, they go wild! I can only imagine what it must be like having a few boys in the home all the time.

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